Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient


United Kingdom




I highly recommend Liv Hospital to anyone. They were fantastic.

I am so happy with how my experience went, from the moment I contacted the clinic until I returned back home. I was offered airport pick up service and hotel reservation, but I preferred to arrange all that myself. The next morning when I arrived at the clinic I realised I had made the right choice. The driver was already waiting for me, we had a little chat and discussed my new hair line. After very short minutes he introduced me the team that was going to work on my procedure and we started. I felt no pain at all throughout the whole surgery which lasted exactly 4 hours. After that I was offered a lunch to regain my strength post the sedation and a medical kit with the products and medication to use for the following days. The second day after the operation I was seen by the team that works with the clinic to remove the bandage and show me how to wash my hair and take care of my head for the following days. After this point my interaction with the clinic was over and I continued enjoying my holidays in Istanbul. Of course the team was always available to assist me and answer questions if I needed. I still cannot believe how amazing everything went, and one week after my trip my hair was already growing. I highly recommend Liv Hospital to anyone who is concerned about choosing the right clinic and wishes obtain the FUE surgery. I would like to thank Qunomedical for the help and support they offered me while still concerned about choosing the right clinic. They were fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to get cosmetic surgery.