Yanhee Hospital, Thailand

Review: Breast Augmentation with Implants


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Amazing service

Surgery in a foreign country can be very daunting, especially when you hear about a lot of horror stories. This was the second time I have used Yanhee Hospital, the first experience was by myself, and both experiences have been great! They were great for many reasons but the few that stood out to me were: 1. The efficiency. Everything was done relatively quick, something that you don’t see back here at home. There were some concerns after surgery with pain medications, and we made a call to the hospital to express our concerns. Once we made our way back to the hospital, we were put straight through with no hesitation or question and everything was sorted. Before we could even blink, we were fixed up with more medications and on our way back to the hotel. Amazing service. 2. Professionalism. The cleanliness and standards of the hospital and the friendliness of staff were excellent. Our Doctor - Dr Thawatchai was extremely humble and honest. The doctors over here recommended me a much larger implant which only would have benefit them as they would have got more money. The doctor explained the complications of getting that big an implant now, and even though he/hospital would have received more money for doing it, advised me against it. I guess we are used to everyone trying to squeeze every last cent out of you here, and the fact that was not even a concern for him, I guess was a little different for us.