Yanhee Hospital, Thailand

Review: Rhinoplasty


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I would recommend Yanhee

I must have spent 20 plus hours searching on internet forums about the competency and client satisfaction of Yanhee Hospital. My girlfriend decided to come and have a Mid-Facelift and Neck Lift as well as upper and lower eyelids lifted by Dr. Somsak after she saw the amazing results of a friend and that's all the comfort she needed. I, on the other hand, turned down my original surgeon assigned to me as I wanted a doctor with more cases and internet recommendations. I found Dr. Pitch who has a lovely personal warmth and did not want to give me a Mid-Facelift as he said I was not ready. The whole experience was so well run. The nursing staff are to be commended as they are warm and many. You don't have to fret about calling on them for any need which is exactly what you want after major surgery. They make post-operative recovery so much easier to heal. The food was the only let down but rather minor as you are not that hungry anyway. From what I can see my nose looks pretty nice so far. I'm still puffy after 2 days so am excited to see results in the coming weeks. I would recommend Yanhee for it's attention to health and safety as it is faultless in that regard.