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Review: Lower Body Lift


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I can’t believe how good I feel.

Because of my excess weight I could not enjoy life the way normal people do. I couldn’t play sports, I felt uncomfortable on an airplane or at the movies in my seat, and even a short walk would leave me out of breath. After years of living like this, it began affecting my health. My cholesterol and heart pressure were so high that loosing weight suddenly became a top priority in my life. I looked into several procedures that would help me attain my goal and I decided to go with gastric by-pass surgery. This helped me lose 135lbs pounds. The weight was gone but I had a huge amount of excess skin. Yes, I was skinnier, but no clothes fit right. That is when a friend that had gone through the same thing recommended Dr. Quiroz to help me reshape my body. After having a Lower Body Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift, I was transformed into a complete new person.People do not recognize me in the street. They can’t believe it, but more importantly, I can’t believe how good I feel. I will always be grateful to Dr. Quiroz, he is my “Magic Man.” I never thought a stomach could get be so flat; never thought mine would. I can tie my shoes, walk comfortably and do all kinds of things I had given up on. I never thought I would ever be able to wear a bathing suit and look good in it. My quality of life has been enhanced in every way: my health, my comfort, my self-esteem, everything. Losing the battle of obesity is an amazing accomplishment that should leave you feeling absolutely great about your body. Besides the obvious appearance changes, restoring your body to a healthy weight comes with many health benefits that can dramatically change your life. Learn about some of our past clients’ remarkable weight transformations and how some of our surgical procedures allowed them to get and thoroughly enjoy their lives!