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Review: Neck Lift


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I would definitely recommend it.

I came in for a consult, we talked about what the doctor would recommend, I sent him pictures ahead of time. He told me what he thought I needed and I told him what I thought I needed, and he didn’t think I needed some of the procedures I thought I did, and I thought that was pretty good because it eliminated some of the cost as well. I was treated very well, all of the support staff is great, I stayed here for my recovery for five days and everyone was just so accommodating and the food was great, and I even lost weight while I was here, so hey, it was all good! I had no pain whatsoever while I was here. After the surgery there was nothing, no pain, just the normal puffiness and redness, and really after about three weeks you couldn’t tell I’d had the surgery. I’ve done really well, I haven’t had any complications, and everybody told me it would take up to 6 months for the swelling to go down, and it did. Now after 6 months, what’s interesting is that I have a lot of people say, “you look so refreshed”, or “you look so rested”. It’s not a big change but that I just look good, and so I’m quite pleased with that result, it doesn’t look like I’ve changed my look totally. I’ve been to the dermatologist as well and I like the work that he has done for me, and very good prices, and of course the dentist here is fantastic and the prices are way lower than in America and done well, if not better. I would definitely recommend it, in fact I have a girlfriend coming down in February to get dental work done.