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Review: Full Body Lift


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United States

August 10, 2016

| CosMed Clinic, Mexico




I felt at home

As I was continuing to lose weight I had a large stomach, a lot of skin and it was hard for me to do certain things and I had a lot of people who were former patients saying “you’ve got to check out Cosmed. They’re here, you’ve got to get a consult, you’ve got to at least talk to them and whether you have surgery or not that’s your business.” From that point on my best friend and I both got consults that day and we both came down to tour the building at the same time and both of us knew that this was the place. I felt at home, everyone was friendly and I never heard anything negative. About a month after I toured it I scheduled my first cosmetic procedure. I was familiar with the area but having surgery out of the country scared me to death. I was apprehensive and now that I’m getting ready to have round two I’m not apprehensive and I know exactly what to expect with the recovery boutique. The recovery boutique is awesome, I sitll consider them very close friends and we’ve stayed in contact. The nurses were great and the staff was great, it was comfortable. The care is amazing, it may be out of the country but I don’t feel very nervous. I encourage people to take tours, have a couple of consults and really feel good, especially about picking out a surgeon. I would say just pack your bags and come down and trust the whole process.