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Review: Spinal Surgery


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United Kingdom

August 10, 2016

| KCM Clinic, Poland




In the UK they don’t have these type of advanced procedures.

I had a back injury so went to the doctor in Northern Ireland and they did various tests and they told me that I’d need surgery in order to get the problem fixed so that I could get back to my training. So I went on the waiting list for the NHS and for the type of back surgery that I would need would be a year and a half for the minimum waiting period, and that’s for the most urgent back surgery. I’d already been waiting eleven months as it was so I decided to look into other options as the option that was available in Northern Ireland wouldn’t have allowed me to have normal movement and that would have changed my lifestyle completely, and I wouldn’t have been able to get back into sports. I decided to get minimally invasive spine surgery which would allow me to recover faster and get back to my active lifestyle as soon as possible. There were various different clinics around the world and I researched all of the different ones because I wanted to be sure that I’d get the best treatment possible. I got in touch with KCM clinic and I was extremely happy with the quick response from KCM clinic. After the first email I sent they called me ten minutes later which I was very impressed with. They were very helpful and answered all my questions and I didn’t feel like I was being pressured or rushed into anything so I was quite impressed with the communication. They were really flexible, I was offered a few different dates which was brilliant. It was a complete package so I didn’t have to worry about booking hotels or taxis which I do really think makes it a lot easier as you just want to get fixed. They did all of the tests to make sure it was exactly the right treatment for me and advised me on everything that would be happening. It’s two or three days after the surgery now and I’m back to sort of normal, and I’m feeling great and ready to go home and ready to get back to life. I would definitely recommend KCM, obviously in the UK they don’t have these type of advanced procedures, there are waiting lists, it’s a lot more expensive. KCM was brilliant because they covered every base and I was confident in them every step of the way.