Smile Hair Clinic at Moodist Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


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Now I am the happiest person in the world

It's really upsetting and feeling uncomfortable to be baldy, I felt like an old man!!! But thank god I have found this clinic (Eurasiamed Hair Clinic ) in Istanbul to do my hair transplant. My wonderful experience was a one week journey to the lovely city of Istanbul. When I arrived at Istanbul Ataturk airport the friendly and respectable gentleman from the clinic was waiting for me to take me to the hotel. Hotel was booked, free transport any time I needed it. The day after in the early morning I met with the doctors at the clinic. After they have done all the necessary and important health check ups, they have started with my hair transplantation, a group of experienced friendly and helpful staff where around me for almost 7 hours... so everything was going nice and smoothly, no hardship no difficulties .... I didn't felt any pains, apart from at the beginning when they took the hair from donor area to prepare it for the reception area, the day after I had one day relaxation enjoying the nice Turkish cuisine, after that day was the time for my first hair wash at the clinic by the doctors... That was all I have experienced... everything went very quickly... Now I am the happiest person in the world... All the best to all... keep away from people calling you : the Baldy Man...