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Review: Breast Reduction


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United Kingdom

October 2016

| KCM Clinic, Poland




If you are looking for a trustworthy, competent and whole body experience of care then you should chose KCM every time

I have just come home from having Reduction Mammoplasty - keyhole pattern, NAC graft in Wroclaw as I had been fighting with the NHS for 2 years to have it done here in the UK without success. The treatment I received was second to none and only the very best of care and treatment were given. My pain and recovery were addressed promptly at each request and given with the utmost respect and compassion. I was a very nervous patient and the staff were very compassionate towards this especially. Nothing was too much for ANY of the staff at any time of the day. There is a language issue of course but the staff actually understand much of what you are saying and if not there is always body language which is universal and there is google. The pre assessment was thorough and all incidental findings were explained to me and were included in my paperwork for my own GP here at home. I was to have a 2 night stay due to the amount of surgery I was having but as there were a few complications this stretched out to 4 nights for my safety and comfort. The nurses were/are amazing and it felt very much like a little family as opposed to a clinical orientation. Everyone smiles and made me feel important and my daughter who came with me for support was treated well too. If I had a criticism it would only be the food but then NHS food isn't great either. The biggest issue is not knowing what you are being served with no choice offered but Marzena Zukowska (Mary) the English speaking coordinator was absolutely amazing and personally shopped for fruit for me, reading material and also accompanied us to the Pharmacy to ensure we got what we needed. Without Marys involvement in this process I cannot see it as being so successful. The private international side of KCM has only been going since 2006 but I can see it going from strength to strength in the future. It is a family concern with Dr Monika Passler, Cardiologist, Philip Passler CEO and Dominik Passler coordinator all playing a part in the patient pathway closely. I could have had this surgery a little cheaper in another country but I chose KCM and cannot recommend them highly enough for there expertise and patient care. My daughter

is planning her surgery next year at KCM and l know that her care and treatment will be exemplary. If you are looking for a trustworthy, competent and whole body experience of care then you should chose KCM every time show more