Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Shaun B.,





The whole experience was awesome, from start to finish it was more than I could of asked for. There was nothing that they didn't cover. The overall experience was amazing.

From when I first arrived in the airport, I was picked up in a clean and new van which brought me too the hospital to get my blood test. Afterwards they dropped me off at the hotel. At the hotel the driver assisted me at the reception to check me in. The next day I made my own way to the hospital, as it was less than a minute walk up the road. When I arrived the doctor went through the procedure and asked, if I had any expectations that i would hope to achieve and we made the best choice that would make myself happy and what the doctor felt was best for me. During the procedure I panicked as it was my first time getting a procedure done but the nurses came straight away with a relaxer and reassured me that i would be fine, I calmed down shortly after and the procedure went on. After the procedure i was given a PRP treatment and was also interviewed which led to me getting another PRP as a gift :-) When I was finished, I got all the medication I needed and the doctor was happy to let me go. i returned to my hotel and was leaving the next morning to return home so they asked me to come back early the next morning for a quick check up and showed me how to wash my transplanted area. Everything was on schedule and so professional if I ever need to get anymore done in the future ill be definitely going back :-)