KCM Clinic, Poland

Review: Liposuction


Verified Patient



November 2016

| KCM Clinic, Poland




In conclusion I was very happy with the treatment and the outcome! I was also very happy with Qunomedical, especially the very friendly communication of the service team.

I was welcomed very friendly by the hospital personal. The operating Doctor was immediately with me and explained the procedures. I can not say anything about the surgery, since its just been a couple of days. In the hospital, everybody was very friendly and treated me well. 2 doctors spoke German and explained and ansewered all my questions. Everything else I could clarify with the patient coordinator in English. The nurses were also with me the whole time and were of great help. The person accompanying me, was mainly ignoed by the staff. The second bed was perfekt, but unfortunatly they missed the additional meals for the person accompanying me. This can be done better. Besides that I can only speak very positive about the hospital, especially their hygine standards are amazing. My room was cleaned several times a day and the nurses kept the strict hygine standards. In conclusion I was very happy with the treatment and the outcome! The communication with Qunomedical was perfect. All raised questions and concerns were answered very fast and satisfying. I went for the surgery without any unanswered questions.