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Review: Gastric Sleeve


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United States

January 16, 2017

| CosMed Clinic, Mexico




I am happy that I made this decision. I will definitely use Qunomedical again.

Everything was excellent in terms of Cosmed/Vida Hospital, physicians, nurses and staff. To a great extent, the surgery, medical care and immediately thereafter was 1st class. Dr. Lopez and Dr. Ramirez are both excellent surgeons. Most importantly, my procedure and recovery have been extraordinary and I am very happy. There were only three minor issues that offer room for improvement. First,the place where we were taken (outside the Hospital) for X-rays (to assess if there was any leak in the VS) was subpar. We had to drive in considerable traffic to a very deteriorated location. The hospital should have the X-ray equipment in site. Second, the trip back to the US was extraordinarily long (2.5 - 3 hours). This long wait in the border could have been avoided if the Clinic had paid a fee to access the faster lane. Finally, somebody in the clinic could email or call to check if everything was ok and they didn't. I think a call or email to check and express concern and care would have been nice. Again, overall the experience was excellent and I am happy that I made this decision. Qunomedical was excellent. Sophie was super responsive, knowledgeable and very engaged throughout this journey. I will definitely use Qunomedical again!