Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Stuart R.,

United Kingdom




I couldn't have been in better hands. I'm still in contact with the Qunomedical staff and they're great. I am already thinking about booking my next treatment.

The whole experience from start to finish was as good as you can expect it from an FUE Hair operation. I was picked up from the airport and taken to my hotel, which was of a very good standard. The following day I was taken to the hospital in my private executive transport were I was greeted and looked after by the local staff. They couldn't have been any more appeasing and helpful if they tried, they were absolutely fantastic. After the operation I was taken immediately back to my hotel, picked up again the next day and back to the hospital for a post op inspection. Again I couldn't have been in better hands. I've been back home a week now and I'm still in contact with the Qunomedical staff on both sides and they're great. I'm getting zirconium crown teeth done very soon and I'll be using Qunomedical again if I choose to carry this work out in Turkey. My overall experience with Qunomedical was perfect, a very hands on and personal experience. The staff I dealt with were all absolutely fantastic. In particular Shaz form Qunomedical and Özlem from Dr. Cinic who have been amazing.