Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


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United Kingdom




Up to now it was great! Well done to all of you! I'll recommend you 100%

When I arrived at the airport my taxi was a bit late but I understood that the traffic was busy. I got to the hotel after 6:00pm and the hotel is very good and clean- only one thing no air condition, other then that perfect. The food and breakfast is great. I got picked up Monday morning at 7:30 am from hotel for a first check up and blood test and consultation. The operation followed the same day, however it was too much pain especially when they put injection that was hard really. I have asked if possible to use Elma cream to make the skin nom and start the injection. After that the pain was ok. The doctor and other staff are very well trained, friendly and polite. Up to now I would say it was great and give 90% feed back in the same time I have to wait for the result yet . Thanks again, Sarwar.