Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Christoffel W.,





The operation went smoothly and the hotel was amazing.

The transport was very nice, the process as well, however I did not get picked up the day of the post-operation on Sunday and thus walked to the hospital, but this was no big deal. The facility(hotel) was amazing. The operation went smoothly, but gave me a bit of an unorganized impression, since all the assistants were running around the whole time. Furthermore, I don't know or have been told about the PRP procedure and when or how this has been implemented, since only one tube of blood has been extracted. Qunomedical was amazing. I would especially like to thank Ryan B. for his amazingly quick responses and honesty. This made me feel very comfortable and confident to use Qunomedical as my agent and book my operation here. If in the future I will consider another operation abroad or a relative or friend does, I will definitely recommend Junomedial!