Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient


United Kingdom




Would I go again? Yes - because of the price.

The experience was quite daunting but it seems like quite a well oiled operation. Just a few things that irked a bit. I was quite dehydrated during the 7 hour op and I could have done it with a sip of water every hour or so. Dr. Cinik was very friendly as were the staff but I felt like a bit of meat sometimes. The guys who initially shaved my head with clippers kept stabbing my head with the clippers which was quite annoying and it was like they were trying to do it as quickly as possible. They could have took one more minute on shaving my head without doing this which would have actually made a big difference i.e. knowing I was in caring hands. The operation was quite painful and my lower back was in agony near the end but the language barrier meant that my complaints went unheeded. At the end I was dehydrated and my hips and back were sore. I went off on one after that when I was asked how I was. Having said that, for the money I can't complain. 5 days after the operation the results already look great. I will need the operation again as I didn't have enough donor hair. One thing that would have helped more was that at the start of the day I was given a drowsing tablet which really helped however near the end of the operation I was in pain and could have done with painkillers and or more drowsing medication. Would I go again? Yes - because of the price. Could my experience been better - Yes. I have no problems with businesses having niggling issues like this and the reason I would go back is because the team were genuinely upset that I was upset which is quite refreshing. As for Qunomedical, Emma who I've been dealing with has been responding to emails and messages instantaneously. Flying off to a country bordering Syria to have a 7 hour operation is pretty daunting and if Emma wasn't good at reassuring me I definitely wouldn't have gone.