MD MEDMIX Hair Clinic, Poland

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Hans Peter S.,





Everything was perfect. Absolute recommendation!!!

Everything went perfect. I was picked up from the airport and was brought to the hotel. The next day I was picked up and brought to the clinic where the bloodtest was done, followed by a very detailed conversation with the doctor. Afterwards the surgery started. The communication in English was very good - the process were very professional. The next day a nurse came to the hotel changed the band aid. On the departure day I was educated about the next days and upcoming weeks. The already ordered meds were picked up at the pharmacy and I was dropped off at the airport. All the time I felt very good and can only recommend the surgery and clinic. The communication with Qunomedical was very fast and easy. All the processes and materials shared were very professional and described the whole process in detail. Absolute recommendation!!!