Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Joseph R.,

United Arab Emirates




Amazing value for money. Shaz Iqbal at Qunomedical was superb! Very responsive to my mails and constantly available.

Directions was pretty spot on for collection process at airport. Was quite fast with minimal waiting time and nice transport. Hotel was nice with staff fully aware of all details as well as having communication updates from the clinic. Consultation was OK. Although clinic was nice, it was a bit small & cramped as 3 people were having surgery at the same time. Procedure was quite long but seemed thorough. Only problem was operating staff spoke minimal English so often had to pull me into position. Post-op was good although brief. Amazing value for money although I think greater communication by staff before each step would help greatly! For Qunomedical: Shaz Iqbal was superb! Very responsive to my mails. Constantly available for my questions and updates. Very accommodating. Extremely friendly & helpful.