Medicana International, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient






The overall experience was very good. Qunomedical provided more information regarding the procedure than I would have expected.

I was picked up at the airport by a friendly driver, although limited English. We went to the hospital for the blood test where I was charged for the blood test. When the driver dropped me off at the hotel, he was not sure the exact time I would be picked up the next morning. However, I received a WhatsApp message early the next morning confirming the pickup time. The hotel and my room were lovely. Shower pressure could have been stronger if I may be very picky but besides that, lovely hotel. The next morning I was picked up by a different driver. Also friendly with a little more verbal English than the driver from the previous night. The consultant was friendly and provided me with information (verbally) about what my day would look like and answered my questions. At the point of payment, I forgot to mention I was charged for the blood test the night before and subsequently, I was overcharged by about 80 EURs. I later informed the consultant who informed me that she would have this amount refunded back to my card and I'm happy to confirm she lived up to her word. The first part of the procedure was uncomfortable and painful. It was my fault for not informing them that I had pain at that point but when I did so later in the procedure, they provided additional local anaesthetic to relieve the pain. I was also happy with the lunch provided by the hospital. During the procedure, the consultant would come by and check on me. At the end, she provided me with more information, which was helpful. However, as this was verbally done, I was not in the best state to remember everything she told me and I found myself asking the consultant the following morning to go over the information again while I entered it on my phone. I wasn't too pleased that I was given a lotion instead of foam to apply on the transplanted area. At the time I didn't think much of it as I was overwhelmed with the pain of removing the bandage on the donor area. Non-the-less, the overall experience was very good. The drive back to the airport was comfortable with the same friendly driver that picked me up from the airport. At Qunomedical Ryan was my go-to guy! He was always friendly

and flexible regarding when to contact me. He provided more information regarding the procedure than I would have expected and followed up with all of my questions and concerns to my satisfaction. This guy deserves a raise! show more