Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Gordon S.,

United Kingdom




Everything was great.. really enjoyed the experience. I have been singing your praises on the Facebook page hairloss crusaders and posting pictures of the progress.

The transport was not told of the change to my arrival date so I was left standing at the airport at 5.30am. Eventually got the office to arrange someone to pick me up which i turn made me an hour late for my appointment. I have no issues with the treatment or staff but I was quite taken aback when I was having the procedure done sharing a room with another client having the same thing done.. no big issue but maybe in the future if your looking for more business. Most guys don't want to share rooms while having things done that may be a bit painful. Think its a macho thing. I also would have preferred a room separate if only for the sake of not hearing someone else in pain at the same time I was in pain. It didn't help. The staff were really nice and helpful although on some occasions they didn't seem sure if what was going on with clients. In the last minute was put in a yellow taxi to get me to the airport on Wednesday morning. Was called the night before by hotel to advise was getting picked up at 6.00am for the clinic after being told the day before it was 6.30am pickup. I never had time to have anything to eat in the morning before leaving. And then a rush to airport. Just as well I had checked in online the night before In the rush I managed to bump the side of my head in the taxi... but gladly only lost 2 or 3 grafts.. a spot of blood that cleaned up when I got home.. Other than that everything was great.. really enjoyed the experience... I have been singing your praises on the facebook page hairloss crusaders and posting pictures in the progress.. Thank you again.