MD MEDMIX Hair Clinic, Poland

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient


United Kingdom




The clinic was well organized. I would have hoped for a better communication with Qunomedical.

The Taxi driver was 20 minutes late, which would have been okay, except Qunomedical provided no contact point at this time. The clinic was well organized with pick up times etc. clearly communicated on a piece of paper. As for Qunomedical: I am disappointed in two things about Qunomedical: - one minor, one major. At the point of pick up, when the taxi driver was late, I had no communcation line with Qunomedical. My appointment was booked at the clinic of my choice, for 3500 grafts. Upon arrival, Dr. Majeic was immediately aware that this would be difficult. In fact, only 1900 were possible. I have subsequently been told that other clinics would have offered chest hair and beard hair as a possible donor area. Although Qunomedical told me that they cannot be sure of how many grafts will be possible until the patient is seen in person, it should have been clear from the photos I sent to Qunomedical that I was a marginal patient for hair-only donoring, and therefore it was up to Qunomedical to recommend that I go to a clinic providing other donor areas as an option, thereby increasing my chances of a fully successful result. I am very disappointed in the lack of guidance which Qunomedical provided here, hence my unlikeliness to recommend them. I will go on Hairloss Crusaders to point this out.