Medicana International, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Waquar I.,

United Kingdom




Qunomedical and Medicana hospital is recommended by miles.

When I landed on airport, driver was already waiting for me and greeted me well. I was then taken to hospital for blood test then straight to hotel. Hotel was fabulous and at great standards. I was greeted great on arrival. Room was absolutely comfortable. Next morning I was taken to hospital in time where I was greeted by hospital supervisor who was absolutely a professional and hospitality was on heights. Check in process and preliminary requirements were all taken care off. I literally didn’t have to do anything just answer few simple questions. I was then introduced to hair transplant coordinator who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The doctor and two other of his assistants were very professional and friendly guys. I was given great information on every query I had. Hospital supervisor was extremely helpful lady who was with me majority of her busy time. Next morning I was then taken to hospital for post transplant examination. I was then dropped off to airport making sure a comfortable check in time for my flight. Qunomedical has helped me since the day of my first query for hair transplant and until present. Absolutely helpful and remarkably professional agency. Also not to forget that Hair transplant went very well and by looks of it, I should have a great results soon. Qunomedical and Medicana hospital is recommended by miles. Thank you Regards Waqar