Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient


United Kingdom




Staff and the surgeon were very courteous and professional throughout. Quomedical's service has been exemplary, Jenny Hardwicke has been brilliant.

The whole experience was very positive overall and quite surreal, given this is my first HT. Information provided upfront by QM, including my own research, ensured that I went into it as well-informed and confident as I could have been. The actual process went pretty much according to plan, subject to a few minor hiccups. Pickup from airport was delayed, but I was eventually "found" and taken to a very comfortable hotel with good facilities and breakfast. The following morning, pickup from hotel to clinic went smoothly. The initial consultation with the surgeon and discussion about the transplant details and hairline was very useful, as I was anxious about this and wanted to have input on it, which I was able to do. The operation was longer and more uncomfortable than anticipated but this was offset by a "no pain no gain" mindset; and I was actually gratified that it didn't feel rushed and that the technicians seemed to be taking genuine care. I was also very happy with the number of grafts finally transplanted: 4000 instead of the estimated 3000-3500. Obviously this number is only meaningful when long-term results are in but simply based on how it looks post-op and other people's reaction to my new appearance, I am very happy with the immediate design and impression, especially as my specific request about the new hairline was taken into account. The clinic facilities seemed good to my lay viewpoint. Staff and the surgeon were very courteous and professional throughout. The following day's consultation went smoothly and was useful; lots of advice and reassurance given. There was again a delay with the transfer from hotel to airport and this combined with very bad traffic meant a very tense journey. But, I reached the airport just at the right time. Quomedical's service has been exemplary. I would never have embarked on this without the high level of support provided throughout the entire process, especially at the outset when I had many questions and concerns that needed patient and delicate handling. Jenny Hardwicke has been brilliant.