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December 29, 2017

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All in all I have to say it was a great experience with a company who I would definitely use again (if needed) or recommend to other people.

Like most people I was a little apprehensive of travelling from the UK to Budapest for a Hair Transplant. However, my experience of Hair Palace so far is that they are a really professional outfit focused around making you feel welcome, and safe, throughout the entire process. I had an initial consultation in London which was smooth and clear. Whilst the surgeon didn’t speak fluent English there was a co-ordinator (Bettina) present at all times to ensure there were no communication issues. I elected to go for the 6,000 hair package (the most the do) on their recommendation and the assumption I would like to do this once and once only… Next came the blood tests. Whilst you can get these done (at a reasonable price in Hungary which the clinic can arrange) I elected to go with Medichecks in the UK. About £100 more expensive but it meant I needed one day less in Budapest. After arriving at Budapest I couldn’t find the driver immediately but after a quick call to the phone number provided he found me in a few minutes and took me off to the apartment. The apartment itself was really clean and fully fitted (kitchen / microwave / fridge etc.) if you don’t fancy eating out. If you choose this route there is a good sized supermarket on the ground floor of the Lurdy centre (a couple of hundred metres away) – pretty much the first store on the right as you go in. One thing to note abot the apartment was that i could only find two English channels. therefore i recommend taking something to enterain yourself (e.g. a book or download programmes to your computer etc) before you go On the day of the procedure I arrived at the clinic and was made to feel really welcome by the staff (Elizabeth I believe). Once the formalities were out the way I was asked to change into clothes provided and to choose lunch – from which there was a good, and varied, selection. Then my head was shaved and photos taken before I met the doctor (Dr Erika Gucsi) who really was great. She spoke perfect English and explained the procedure and took any questions. Shortly after it all began… Roughly 2.5 hours were spent extracting hair from the back of my head. Apart from the initial anaesthetic

injections I could feel a thing and the time flew by. After that a small break where we agreed, and drew, my new hairline before she started making holes in my scalp for the grafts. I must say at this point a few of the injections were a little more painful than the back of the head but not unbearable. That part flew by… Then lunch (which was really good) before heading back for the actual grafts. This part was again painless and flew by with the aid of a film from which there was a good selection. After it was all done I was bandaged up and provided with a small bag of painkillers etc for the evening before heading back to the apartment with clear instructions. The apartment was only circa 10 minutes away on foot (and on a tram line to the city centre). The next day I came back for another day and the procedure followed the above. On the day flying back the taxi driver arrived as planned (at 5am) and took me back to the airport. All in all I have to say it was a great experience with a company who I would definitely use again (if needed) or recommend to other people. Hair Palace were very professional, clinical and good value for money based on what a similar procedure would cost you in the UK. show more