Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Gary B.,





Over all the Qunomedical experience was excellent.

Over all the Qunomedical experience was excellent. There were a few confusing incidences with transport. The pickup at the airport as not smooth. The driver had no English and a held a very small incoherent sign with only my first name (spelled incorrectly.) I asked him several times if he was here for me; he couldn't answer. After about an hour I finally worked out he was there for a number of patients (including me). After another, hour and a half we proceeded to the hotel. And on another day at the hotel, I was waiting in the foyer for a pickup and the driver failed to see me or go even into the hotel and just drove off. He returned 45 minutes later. We then proceeded to the LIV Hospital where all went very well. As I said above. The transport in Istanbul from airport, hotel and hospital (LIV) should be better coordinated.