Smile Hair Clinic at Moodist Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Aisha P.,

United Arab Emirates




It has been 3 months from my operation and i can clearly see how ladies and Dr. Gokay did an amazing job.

I am a 28 years old female who has been suffering from traction alopecia.For many years i have tried lots of supplements but didnt get any result at all. So i began searching an oppurtunity to have FUE hairtransplantation as a solution to my problem. After i spoke many people, most of them were not even doctors, via whatsapp i decided to have my trasnplant in Smile Hair Clinic. So me and my husband flied to Istanbul. We were greeted in airport and went to our 5 star hotel were we had a very good rest untill morning. We had been greeted by Natali, patient coordinator, in the hospital. I completed consent and medical release documents with Natali. While we waited we were able to relax and watch television and I was able to change into my button up shirt (procedure day instructions). I did a consultation with Dr. Gokay. in which he assessed my hairline and hair loss and together we decided on how my new hairline should look. Next i had to decide shaving or not shaving the recipient area. Dr. Gokay explained there was a possibly of my old hair dislodging the new grafts if we did not shave. I wanted to have maximum grafts so i let them shave the recipient and donor area. The 2 assistants helped me to lie on the chair and started the local anesthesia. This was the most painful part of the procedure, especially when the ladies did the injections around my forehead. The injections were similar to a bee sting that lasted a few seconds. During this time Dr. Gokay came in few times to check on me and make sure everything was going well which made me feel very comfortable. After that they began to remove grats one by one from donor area which took nearly 1 hour. Next Dr. Gokay started making tiny slits in the recipient area for the grafts using an instrument with a sharp blade. Next technicians put grafts ito that slits. Instructions had been given about the drugs they had provided for me. And we went back to our hotel. It has been 3 months from my operation and i can clearly see how ladies and Dr. Gokay did an amazing job. They have a great team! I really can not explain how gratefull i am. I am angry myself for not getting this done sooner!