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Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Phil W.,

United Kingdom




The procedure and the experience weren’t bad. But so far I’m not happy with the current state of my hair.

So after debating for many years if I would take the plunge or not, I decided to go with this company after a few conversations with one of the reps. My hair loss wasn’t dramatic, thinnning in a couple of patches. But I thought I would make a pre-emptive strike and fill the gaps before they progressed. The process was straight forward enough. I opted for a ‘no-shave’ option, I was picked up at the airport, the drive was long to the lab for the tests but the scenery and driver were nice. Once at the clinic the doctor went through the procedure with me. I expressed my concerns about shock loss (native hair falling out due to the stress of the procedure) but the doctor told me he had never heard of this happening with any of his patients. I must admit I found that a little odd, as from what I’ve read it’s a fairly common thing to happen. He showed me the tools he used and I have to say, the examples he pulled out of a drawer were stained with a little blood. That kind of freaked me out slightly but I thought well I’ve come this far, no point backing out. So we got underway. I was fairly sedated so as far as I was concerned it went by smoothly. The process was relatively painless. A bit weird as you would imagine, like pushing a needle through styrofoam and feeling it hit the skull. But all went well. Except when we got to the end the machine that mixes my own blood that was extracted for the ‘platent rich plasma’ malfunctioned. So this part couldn’t be done. I was assured that it wasn’t actually necessary but nevertheless I felt slightly disappointed that I wasn’t getting the entire treatment that had been laid out. Anyway. Job done, went back to the hotel. Flew home. Spent the next few weeks obsessing about delicately washing my hair correctly after the allotted time. I followed the instructions to the letter, took the meds, didn’t touch it, slept upright for probably longer than I needed to just incase. And then the shedding started. Not the hairs that were implanted from the donor area. They went a little later, as was expected. But I experienced the dreaded shock loss. And a lot. My own hair began falling out all over the top of my head. And at the four month point

now, I can honestly say my overall head is thinner than it was before the procedure. My hairline is growing nicely, and the patches that were filled during the procedure. But a lot of my native hair has fallen out due to the procedure. I would like to say it’s plus-minus-zero and that the new hair is counteracting the loss. But unfortunately it isn’t the case. I’m hoping that after one year it will have hopefully filled out with the end result. But I don’t think it will as I’ve lost hair in areas that weren’t treated. The procedure and the experience weren’t bad. But so far I’m not happy with the current state of my hair. I should have waited longer or not done it at all, and look worse than I did before the procedure. I hope I can report back next year that this was a temporary setback and that it looks great, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case. I guess the procedure doesn’t suit everyone. show more