Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


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Support is there from start to finish, and would return again if i ever need to!!

Was an excellent experience from start to finish. There is always an air of doubt in your mind when travelling to a foreign country, and taking part in a surgical experience that could always be not to your liking or expectation. I traveled alone, and was never let down in any way, just nervous at times to how things would go. The collection from the airport was hassle free (just remember to pay for your visa prior to going through customs) in a smart mercedes vito, that took me to my hotel about 30 mins away. Was a simple check in procedure, the room was clean, tidy and very comfortable (room service was cheap and spot on as well) during my short stay and recovery period. I was then collected early the next morning (remember to have breakfast prior to collection) and literally 2 minute drive to the hospital to meet Dr Cinik. I was greated at the door by a very helpful and polite lady who looked after me the whole day, and taken to see Dr Cinik for the consultation and confirmation of what i required. I was then escorted to the treatment floor where i gave blood, had a further consultation and then paid for the procedure. It was about a 5 hour transplant, that gave me slight pain with the injections, but the rest was fine and manageable the whole time. My only issue was that none of the nurses carrying out the procedure spoke much english, so was difficult to gage what was being done, as the treatment goes on without you seeing or really knowing what is happening. There is quite a lot of blood, but this is normal, and about 2 o clock i was all finished, greeted with lunch and a drink, then a thorough review of what had taken place, plus all my tablets and info for me to take back to the hotel and follow. I returned to my hotel room (tv had very little english tv so take your own devices) and did loads of work on my laptop as normal, and just chilled ready for the morning check up. I was again met and transferred to the clinic to see Dr Cinik who had another look over, was given a full briefing of how to look after myself etc for the next week, and took home further tablets and vitamins to help recover. They give you a headband to wear for 2 days (looks strange but

stops all the swelling completely) so maybe take a loose big hat to cover if you dont want this on show, or use the hat they supply to protect from the sun. I was then picked up and returned to the airport, all fine and no issues with anything. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to have this done, going alone or flying with a friend or partner is also advisable if you required further support, but i had a fantastic time, the transplant itself is fab and growing back so quickly, and very happy so far. Support is there from start to finish, and would return again if i ever need to!! I trusted Qunomedical and they were super professional and supportive from start to finish. Always there on email or over the phone for any extra support or guideance. They are 1st class in every way and complete the service that was excellent the whole way show more