Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Chris S.,

United Kingdom




Emma and the actual team who did the work were great.

Emma who helped me from the first point of contact has been amazing. Very quick to respond with helpful info as well as being friendly. The actual visit to the hospital had a a few ups and downs but definetly more positive than negative. The pick ups were always on time but I did have a little trouble finding our driver as he tucked himself away with the sign. LIVE HOSPITAL is on the sign not personal name. He did drive a bit crazy but got the impression thats how the roads work out there. Hotel was very nice and staff very friendly. No English channels on tvs though. They were smart tvs to. If these were connect it would work for everyone no matter the language. I was kept upto date with pick ups which was great. Nothing to worry about. When getting to the hospital I went straight to reseption but the lady had to get security to take me to where I needed to go as she did not speak any English. I would say that this should probably be addressed as did make me feel quite anxious when arriving. Once I was taken to someone who spoke English she took me straight to the people to pay the money. Felt more business like at this point. Once this was done it was all systems go. Straight to the room and straight into it. Dr was brill and very calming. They knew I was nervous and gave me a relaxing tablet. It was very one thing straight after another. No waiting around which I liked. No time to get nervous. The actual procedure is quite relaxing. Actually fell asleep for a bit. But the injections really do hurt. A few of the team knew my name but I did get called mister a lot which was a bit impersonal. I was given lunch also which was a lovely thought and unexpected but being a very fussy eater I did not like most of it. A little choice may have been a bit better. I would have been happy with a cheese sandwich. After the op the team were very clear on what I had to do moving forward and looking after my hair. Again the transport was all taken care of. Next day when I went back it was very quick. Only a small chack up and clean. Was nice to say thank you to everyone involved. Then straight to the airport and of home. Thank you to everyone that helped and I will be putting

people in contact with Emma moving forward. A little more personal at the hospital. Everyone knowing the patients name would be a good start on this. And first impressions when walking into the hospital. Being walked Down by security because the receptionist did not speak English was very uncomfortable. Emma and the actual team who did the work were great. show more