Smile Hair Clinic at Moodist Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


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My hairline looks exceptional and I want to say a big massive thank you to Dr Bilgin and his team for everything they have done for me. I'm truly grateful for every effort put into this process.

I contacted Qunomedical initially few months back just to enquire for possibility of receiving treatment for myself. I was contacted by Emma who ended up being my consultant throughout my journey. I actually lost interest in going ahead with treatment as I knew I would never be able to afford to make myself look ordinary without big patches and significant receded areas across my head that I've been suffering with over past 15 years. Emma asked me to send her some images of my head including, front, back, sides and crown area. I really considered myself to be one of the worst cases and didn't feel at the time it was worth going ahead with. However I had a change of heart one day when I received a message from Qunomedical offering me a complete package that included the full cost of operation, hotel accommodation with food, pick up and drop off from Airport to hotel and hospital for a very reasonable price. I managed to save enough money to cover my flight and the package. Emma my consultant helped me to find flights at cheapest available price and also guided me to organise my visa so I would have no difficulties upon arrival in Turkey. I had to wait around two months for the day of my flight to arrive. In mean time Emma sent me confirmation of my hotel and details of the hospital including my allocated Doctor who will perform my operation. Within my confirmation paperwork I received an invite to join a Facebook group called Hair Crusaders and I took part in it actively for over a month prior to my flight. This group is a very positive tool as lots of patients who have already been treated by Qunomedical group share their experiences and journey of the Hair Transplant operation which has been extremely useful, particularly for people like me who are new to this and exhausted all other alternatives that have previously failed. This group is supported by Qunomedical and they at times step into discussions where appropriate if patients need further advice or support on particular issues. I think this is also very handy simply because you feel appropriately guided from all angles and nothing is ever said that is not straight down the line factual. I still use

Hair Crusaders till this day. I travelled to Turkey / Istanbul on 18th June 2018. It was a very smooth flight and upon arrival I was quite nervous as I've never been operated on in any way or travelled alone particularly by plane for over 20 years. At arrivals there was a driver amongst a crowd of people with a big sign saying Marcus O'Mara so it was very straight forward with transport to hotel. My driver made every effort possible to engage with me despite the weakness of his English language. He even got me a bottle of water while in heavy traffic which was very nice. Unfortunately I lost my phone when I arrived back at the hotel which created anxiety for me but the hotel staff were very supportive towards me and contacted Qunomedical who located the driver and helped me to obtain my phone that I accidentally left in the driver's vehicle. Following morning I had breakfast at 7:00 AM and was ready to be collected by my driver at 7:50. My original Doctor was changed from Dr Erdogan to Dr Bilgin however I was notified of this day before my flight by Dr Bilgin's secretary. I had a friendly greeting at the entrance of the hospital by Dr Bilgin himself who asked me for my passport to confirm who I am and proceeded to explain what will happen initially. To begin with I was taken to a part of the hospital for a blood test and was informed there is waiting time of up to one hour while results come through. Once results were confirmed as clear with no identified concerns Dr Bilgin invited me to his office where I had a one to one consultation. Dr Bilgin explained absolutely everything I needed to know and gave me plenty of opportunity to ask additional questions. I informed Dr Bilgin I was nervous about the operation at this time. Dr Bilgin gave me medication prior to the operation to help me relax. I was taken to a pre operative room for few minutes where I was then asked to join the medical team to engage in my operation. I had markings made on my head and Dr Bilgin encouraged me to be sure on hair line design before going ahead and gave me the option to choose a style that I felt most comfortable with. I felt this was very person centred and it made me very happy given the amount of consideration Dr Bilgin had towards my feelings of the process. I had my hair fully shaved with clippers and was asked to transfer myself onto the operating bed. I was given local anesthesia to numb the back of my head. I did find this a bit sore as I was given several of these before the procedure fully started but once it was over I experienced no pain of any description for a whole nine hours. I was given food at lunch time that was nice and filling. At the end of my operation Dr Bilgin provided me with medication and explained what I need to do when returning back to hotel and arranged for my transport. I had my head thoroughly cleaned before dressings were applied and then returned back to the hotel. I found the hospital very clean and medical team was highly attentive towards me and kept me informed from start to finish while asking if I was okay and how I was feeling. Before leaving the hospital I was also connected to a drip were antibiotics where put into my vein before discharge. I had a nice meal at the hotel during the evening. I feel it would of been nice to have someone to talk to that was also going through the same type of operation while staying at the hotel but I felt very tired after my meal and slept until morning. I was collected by my normal driver at 9:00AM and again taken to Hair Smile Clinic to meet Dr Bilgin at the hospital for my post operative check. Dr Bilgin and his team met me at the front of the hospital as I arrived. Dr Bilgin checked my donor area and was happy to say there was no infection and it was healing well already. I had my head re-washed and treated with antibiotic cream plus redressed to protect the donor area. Dr Bilgin explained how to administer my new medication as well as a full explanation of aftercare routine. Dr Bilgin requested I maintain contact and send a picture from 13th day so he can see how much progress I am making. Although I am only three days after my operation I feel very positive about the whole experience I would definitely rate Dr Bilgin 10/10 for the way he looked after me during my time at the hospital. I would like to hope many more people attend the Hair Smile Clinic and have the same level of treatment I just had. I am more than satisfied with the work carried out on myself. My hairline looks exceptional and I want to say a big massive thank you to Dr Bilgin and his team for everything they have done for me. I'm truly grateful for every effort put into this process. There is really nothing that could be done better. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to watching my hair regrow. Thank you again excellent work show more