Smile Hair Clinic at Moodist Hospital, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Paul G.,





The whole experience was TOP CLASS.

The whole experience was TOP CLASS. I have already left my review on the smile hair and qunomedical facebook pages. I do have a few observations which may help you in the future. The Doctors have perfect English However the other team members appeared to have very little. Three times i asked for a drink of water before someone understood. Also i was having abdomen pains due to constipation while the hairs were being placed into my head but no one understood. Also they continuously spoke, joked and at one time a fella was singing in Turkish. I would suggest that there be one English spoken person in the room at all times during the procedure. The taxi driver was nice and polite but again not much English and we Irish like to chat and joke and ask questions. It is the busiest and slowest airport we were ever in. It took a full 2 hours from when we stepped out of taxi to reaching the gate. The gate closed as we arrived. 1 minute more and we would not have got on plane. trust me we did not delay as we had been warned about the airport. We spoke to several people who missed the fight the day before and the airline made them pay 125 euro for new tickets. Our flight was over sold according to the girl on boarding card counter but there was still approximately 8 empty seats on our flight. I am sure many people were left behind. I suggest that on your return you need to be collected from the hotel 4 hours before flight. Small thing but they the doctor and clinic appeared to have my phone number incorrect before we went as i did not get any communication from clinic beforehand. I realised this the day of the procedure when the Doctor went to whats app me my photos.