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Review: Gastric Sleeve


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3 months after my operation I lost 27 kg and I am very well. Thanks to you

Hello Dr. Cag, I remember our appointment in 2017 with my husband. He smiled and so did I. We are so grateful that you were my doctor. I wanted to thank you in writing for everything you did for me: reassure me, answer all my questions before, during and after the operation. You are a surgeon as there are few. You knew how to choose the right words when I was troubled, you gave me a smile, confidence and hope when I was a little stressed. You have been able to give your time in your meetings every other week, which have brought us together in the expectation of this well-known operation. Today, 3 months after my operation I lost 27 kg and I am very well. I am radiant, I have a clear eye on things, I am healthy according to my nutritionist Dr. C. S. My husband is proud of me and always looks at me full of love and I release a positive energy according to my friends. In short, I believe that I have succeeded in my transformation largely thanks to you, even though I am aware that the road is still long. I wish you much happiness and success on your new path. Too bad it's a bit far for me to Istanbul for a simple consultation;) With all my heart Sabine