Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul, Turkey

Review: FUE Hair Transplant


Verified Patient

Stephen B.,

United Kingdom




There were several cases of confusion

1. There was confusion at the airport. I met LIV hospital driver at the agreed place but it transpired that I was put into the wrong car. As we drove away from the airport I received numerous texts from different individuals and eventually the position was sorted out. 2. All the pre-treatment paperwork refers to a highly qualified doctor carrying out the transplant but in reality you only see this person at the outset, and then again at the end (the following morning). Another 'trusted colleague' carries out the initial surgery and then a number of unknown juniors complete the transplanted follicles. For your information I complained about the offensive music being played but was ignored (possible language difficulties). The lyrics were extreme and unrepeatable in this feedback but I will be happy to expand if requested. More clairty about who is representing the hospital - I had contact from several people and upon arrival at the hospital there was no one to meet me (although as soon as I texted somebody quickly came). There was also confusion as to the amount of money I had to pay and I had to refer to earlier emails.