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Rosengarten Weiss Dental Clinic

Located in Sopron, Hungary

Established in 2001, Rosengarten Weiss Dental is a leading dental center located in Sopron, Hungary. The Austrian border is only a 10-minute drive from the clinic. Dental treatments offered by Rosengarten Weiss Dental include dental implants, aesthetic treatments, as well as restorative and conservative dentistry.

Rosengarten Weiss Dental’s team specializes in complex dental procedures and puts the patient’s self-confidence and quality of life at the center of their work. Founded with goal to provide excellent service to satisfy every patient’s need and desire, this state-of-the-art facility boasts a highly-skilled and compassionate staff.

Offering the latest technologies and techniques, Rosengarten Weiss Dental is able to provide all its patients the highest quality of dental care at an affordable price. International patients will find additional services including hotel booking and follow-up care.

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Dr. Peter Varga

Dr. Peter Varga

Specialization: Dental Surgery

Education: Graduated with a degree in dentistry from Semmelweis University

Languages: German, English, Italian

Memberships & Awards

  • Oral Surgery in Rosengarten Weiss Dental since 2010
Dr. Melinda Ballo

Dr. Melinda Ballo

Specialization: General dentistry

Education: Graduated with a degree in dentistry from Semmelweis University

Languages: German, English

Memberships & Awards

  • Special examination in Gnatologie, Donau University Krems, Austria
Dr. Tibor Bartha

Dr. Tibor Bartha

Specialization: Endodontics

Education: Graduated with a degree in dentistry from Szeged University

Languages: German and English

Memberships & Awards

  • University Hospital, Dental Clinic Tübingen, Germany
  • Specialist exam on conservative dentistry and endodontics
  • Rosengarten Weiss Dental - Endodontics Specialist since 2017


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H-9400 Sopron, Lackner Kristóf street 64



Located in Sopron, Hungary, Rosengarten Weiss Dental is 60km away from Vienna, or a 10-minute drive from the Austrian border. Sopron is a charming little town that reflects its long history in its Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque structures.

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