Saint-Luc University Hospital

Saint-Luc University Hospital in Belgium is a non-profit hospital that offers a variety of services. From emergency treatments for patients who experience sudden illnesses or injuries to surgical procedures and recovery, the hospital provides all types of healthcare under one roof. Consultations are offered to patients before any kind of treatment or procedure is done so that patients have a better understanding of what will take place. Educational courses are also offered, such as classes for smokers or classes for those who are battling cancer.

Patients will find that there is a bit of everything offered in the way of medical services for all ages. Dentistry services are provided as well as diabetic treatments. Geriatric care for elderly patients and family members is offered. Radiology services are available, and there are an obstetrics floor for those who choose to give birth at the hospital. There are several rooms in the hospital for those who need to stay overnight for any illness or procedure that has been performed. Rooms are designed so that they are inviting and comfortable for all ages.

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