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If you are having trouble shedding unwanted body fat and your weight is putting your health in jeopardy, weight loss surgery may be your best option. You can travel to Lithuania to have your procedure performed by highly trained medical staff at a reputable facility. Qunomedical has relationships with some of the country's top medical centers that offer procedures to patients from all over the world.

Why Should I Have Weight Loss Surgery in Lithuania?

Lithuania has become known in recent years as a place where people can go to have safe and effective weight loss surgery. This small Eastern European nation is served by three international airports, which makes it easy to access from any part of the world. Costs for medical treatment is considerably lower than in other countries, which is largely due to the fact that liability insurance for doctors is much more affordable in Lithuania. Whether you choose gastric bypass, gastric band or gastric sleeve surgery, you can be sure that the proper protocol for safety and hygiene will be followed throughout your procedure. You'll also be allowed to remain at the medical facility long enough to be adequately monitored immediately following your surgery. Medical staff will also provide thorough aftercare to lessen your chances of experiencing complications while healing.

Weight-loss Surgery in Lithuania

ISO 9001
Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Pre- and post-operative consultations and tests
  • All medication administered in hospital along with anaesthesia
  • Postoperative diet plan
  • Personal patient coordinator
  • 2-night hospital stay including meals
  • 5-night hotel stay including breakfast
  • Ground transfers during your stay
€ 5,570

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery
€ 5,570

Gastric Plication Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery
€ 4,070

Gastric Sleeve

Weight Loss Surgery
€ 5,570

Mommy Makeover

Plastic Surgery
€ 5,460
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