Dr. Marin Petkovic

Dr. Marin Petkovic, DMD

Petkovic Dental Clinic, Zagabria, Croazia


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Pratica dal 2011

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Chi è Dr. Marin Petkovic

With over ten years of practice behind him, Dr. Marin Petkovic is an experienced dentist who is specialised in implantology, and was the first to carry out Neodent zirconium ceramic implant procedures in Croatia, which is a highly innovative dental solution that is free from metal alloys. Though all-on-X systems are his speciality, he performs various procedures like implants, crowns and veneers in his own clinic. As a fluent English speaker, he also offers his expertise to patients from around the world.

Dr. Petkovic carries out his treatments using the latest methods and technologies to ensure a comfortable process with accurate outcomes. Indeed, both as a clinic owner and member of two national dentists' associations, he is always informed of the newest developments in his field.


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Lašćinska Cesta 97, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
Zagabria, Croazia

Petkovic Dental Clinic is a boutique practice offering the full range of dental treatments in general, aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry. Whether its whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges or implants that patients come for, they are welcomed into a modern clinic whose technology and innovative methods ensure the most comfortable and precise results.

The team at Petkovic Dental are all highly experienced; having an extensive range of training and skills between them, they are a group of dependable professionals who know how to find solutions for each individual's needs.

  • Range of treatments available, from cosmetic to surgical procedures.
  • Modern clinic with sophisticated technology and treatment methods.
  • Small clinic with highly personalised care.