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All-On-4 Implants

All-On-4 is a prosthodontics procedure that allows the full rehabilitation of a patient’s dental arch. With All-On-4 implants, a full set of teeth is supported by four dental implants.

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  • Edentulous individuals (patients who have no teeth)
  • Patients with badly broken down or decayed teeth
  • Patients with compromised teeth due to gum disease
  • Individuals with reduced bone density who cannot undergo a bone grafting procedure
  • Recent studies show that All-On-4 implants have a patient-related success rate of 94.8% and an implant-related success rate of 98.1% at five years. Results for a follow-up period of up to ten years are equally impressive with figures of 93.8% and 94.8% respectively.
  • 3 to 7 days
  • Often called 'teeth in a day', All-On-4 implants offer an almost instant solution. Unlike conventional implants, where the healing process after bone grafts can take up to six months, teeth can be affixed immediately after the placement of implants. This means that the entire process can, if necessary, be completed in a day.
  • Implant failure (5% incidence)
  • Infection

What are All-On-4 implants?

all-on-4 implants

The All-On-4 brand is a registered trademark of the Nobel Biocare company. All-on-4 implants have been specifically designed and developed to allow dentists to replace teeth with fewer implants than conventional dental implants. The overall procedure is less intrusive and less expensive.

All-On-4 are fitted with four implants per jaw. These four implants are placed in the mandible or maxilla and will then support between 10 and 14 custom-made crowns. In some cases, five or six implants may be needed to counteract lower bone density. All-On-4 consist of a gum-coloured acrylic base to resemble gum tissues, while crowns can be made of resin, zirconia or porcelain.

All-On-4 implants are fitted at a 30 to 45-degree angle rather than vertically as regular dental implants. Angled fitting increases the strength of the implant. It also allows individuals with jaw bone loss to have implants fitted without the need for expensive and time-consuming bone grafts.

How does All-On-4 work?

It takes a few steps to create a new smile with All-On-4 implants. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Initial consultation and CT scan. The dentist will assess the overall condition of your mouth and jaw and take a CT scan. If you decide that All-On-4 is right for you, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth. These will then be sent to the lab for the creation of customised prostheses - the jaw and tooth sections or bridges that will be attached to the implants.

2. Anaesthesia and extraction (if needed). When you attend the surgery to have your implants fitted, the dentist will give you an anaesthetic so that the entire process is painless. If teeth need to be extracted, this can normally be done at the same time. Your mouth is then thoroughly cleaned to remove bacteria and damaged tissue.

3. All-on-4 implant placement. Two holes are drilled at the front of the jaw and two at the rear. Your implants are then placed at a 30 to 45-degree angle and any holes are stitched with soluble thread that dissolves in a couple of weeks. Either the same day or the next day, your new teeth will be attached to the implants. When fitted, all joins are hidden behind the lip and are virtually undetectable.

Some dentists prefer to fit you with temporary implants for the first six to nine months. This is to reduce bruising and to ensure that less pressure is put on your implants as they heal. Once your mouth is fully healed, the dentist will affix your permanent implants. These are normally made from porcelain, ceramics, or another durable material like zirconia or fused metal.

What are the alternative treatments to All-On-4?

There are three viable alternatives to All-On-4 implants, and your dentist may discuss them with you during your consultation: dentures, conventional dental implants and All-on-6 implants.

Dentures are the least expensive option. They consist of an acrylic base, which is pink or gum coloured, and teeth made from porcelain or resin. Well-made dentures should stay in place without adhesive although this is rarely the case. They don't prevent further bone loss as All-On-4 do, and over time, they will become looser as the jaw bone diminishes. Dentures have to be replaced at approximately 5-year intervals.

Dental implants
Dental implants can be chosen when one or more teeth need to be replaced. They are the most expensive option for those requiring full mouth reconstruction. People with bone loss may require lengthy bone grafts before the implant can be fitted. Unlike All-On-4 implants, where teeth can be fitted the same day, there is a four to six-month healing period between the placement of implants and teeth. The overall treatment time increases significantly if grafts are necessary, and this can add to the cost.

All-on-6 implants
All-on-6 implants follow the same procedural steps as All-on-4 implants. But in this treatment six implants are used to hold the dental arch. All-on-6 are recommended for patients who have more bone and bone strength as compared to patients who undergo All-on-4 implants.

What should I expect?

You should expect to be in the dentist's chair for one to two hours during surgery.

Before treatment commences, your dentist will fully explain the process again and make sure that you are comfortable.

You will then be given a local anaesthetic, although a general anaesthetic may be prescribed in certain circumstances, for example, if you are extremely nervous.

Your dentist will be assisted during the process; the dental nurse will help make you more comfortable and ensure that your mouth is drained during the procedure.

Your dentist will then extract any remaining teeth and clean your mouth before placing the implants and fitting your new teeth.

After the procedure, you might feel pain and discomfort for the next few days, which can usually be managed with over-the-counter painkillers. Recovery time is usually minimum: patients go back to their regular routine a couple of days after surgery and in some cases, they are able to eat solid food right after the procedure.

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Below are price ranges for All-On-4 Implants at our partner clinics.
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The cost of an All-on-4 implant depends on the type of implant you select, where you choose to be treated and if you need to combine additional treatments, like tooth extractions. The pricing differential depends on many factors, such as cost of living, exchange rates, or practicing costs, which may differ greatly from country to country.

popular destinations
The locations and costs you see below reflect starting prices for an All-on-4 implant procedure for one jaw booked through Qunomedical. Prices may vary depending on your individual needs.

All-On-4 Implants is offered in 9 countries

In Kuta from € 3,790

In Izmir from € 3,820

In Istanbul from € 4,850

In Ankara from € 4,950

In Rovinj from € 4,200

In Trogir from € 5,000

In Chennai from € 4,210

In Mosonmagyarovar from € 5,500

In Budapest from € 5,790

In Bratislava from € 5,570

In Los Algodones from € 8,300

In Berlin from € 9,000

In Phuket from € 9,020

In Bangkok from € 11,090



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Verified Patient

Julia E.,

United Kingdom

May 13, 2019





I fully intend to return next year and have my top teeth done and will certainly be recommending Qunomedical!

Everything went seamlessly, from pre-arrival, to pick up and delivery to every appointment. All treatment and facilities were very professional. The staff including the driver were so friendly, helpful and provided a wonderful experience. I absolutely love my new teeth which cost me the exact amount I was originally quoted. I fully intend to return next year and have my top teeth done and will certainly be recommending Qunomedical! I felt so looked after!

Verified Patient

Ojer A.,

United Kingdom

March 18, 2019





Fast efficient service all the way from airport pickups to dental client and wonderful team of surgeons

Fast efficient service all the way from airport pickups to dental client and wonderful team of surgeons, pioneers i'd say, minium pain more than happy with the results. Thank you all I appreciated the quality of patience shown.

Verified Patient

M. Koskinen,


March 15, 2017

| Oxygen Medical, Hungary




I got an All-on-4 with metal-ceramic crowns, and I'm thankful for everyone at Oxygen Medical.

"Nice clinic, friendly staff! I arrived to Budapest actually being ashamed because of condition of my teeth, but the dentist, Mr Iványi was very sympathetic, and helped me to understand the possibilities. I got an All-on-4 with metal-ceramic crowns, and I'm thankful for everyone at Oxygen Medical. I was hoping that they could solve my problem with fixed solution, and an All-on-4 paid off very well so far.

Verified Patient

Yvonne S.,





Great consultation, exzellent work and competent staff

Especially as anxiety patient I was amazingly being taken care of. The atmosphere is very nice. Mr Kovacs is always a friendly point of contact for you and he answers all questions quickly. After the treatments I was able to explores this beautiful city. I could even take my money which I saved from my treatment in Germany and shop around in the city. My temporary bridge will be replaced in 2 months with permanent ones. I am already looking forward to coming back!

Verified Patient

Yvonne L.,





This clinic is the ideal place for anxiety patients - they care to the highest degree

I am an anxiety patient and did not visit a dentist for the past 15 years. Only because of the good experiences of my husband with Evergreen Dental, Dr. Vespremi and his team I felt a bit comfortable to go along. Dr. Vespremi took a lot of time of his schedule to give me a thorough and complete consultation. He also did not judge me on the state of my teeth which was very relieving. Those who are anxiety patients are know what I am talking about. I really trusted him from the beginning. I saved my cost which were tremendous in Germany and I found a doctor who I can completely trust. I can only recommend Evergreen and its motivated team!