When searching for a restaurant for a special occasion, a new book to read, or an opinion between two newly released movies, most people will turn to people they trust for feedback. Why leave a decision like that up to chance, when you can utilize a trusted network of friends who have already been there?

Now, we're not talking about books and movies here--we're talking about healthcare. Choosing a doctor to see for things like heart surgery or cosmetic procedures is not something to be taken lightly, but where do you turn to? Who can you listen to?

That's why we've gathered together some insights from patients like you that have gone through the process already, and come out the other side. Read up, and make the big decision to get the care you need--leave the rest up to us.

I really don't believe I would have had the confidence to have gone abroad without them... And I would recommend Qunomedical to any family and friends.
Qunomedical were excellent, booking the procedure was very simple, all I had to do was book my flight and they did everything else. Every question I had was answered and everything went as smoothly as they promised
I liked everything about Qunomedical. From the moment I spoke to them I knew I was in safe hands.
As for Qunomedical I was very happy to deal with such a lovely girl (Julia) who answered all of my questions and was very patient with me from start to finish. I would use Qunomedical again for future treatments and would highly recommend it.
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Would you recommend Qunomedical to your family and friends?
Yes 83.6%
Would you consider your treatment quality/service the same or better than you would receive at home?
Yes 95%
Would you rate the quality of the facilities a 4 or 5 out of 5 stars?
Yes 94%
Expect the unexpected
We make sure you’re all set to leave, and if something doesn’t go according to plans, we move mountains to ensure you get the most worry-free experience possible. We want our patients to solely focus on their treatment and recovery--anything else is for us to worry about.

Explore a few first-hand experiences of patients whose travel didn’t go exactly as planned. See for yourself how our Health Managers made it a priority to set right quickly and efficiently.

My flights were delayed but the hospital and Qunomedical was very friendly and helped to make changes and to assist me as I arrived a day later. They rescheduled my appointment with no hassle.
As I'm not the strongest when it comes to being involved with the dentist Adam (my dentist) made everything calm and comforting lovely man..All in all my experience was second to none thank you
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International Recognition

Our patients are the most important piece of our business, so we are thrilled to report that Temos, an independent certification body for excellence in medical tourism, certified Qunomedical for its outstanding coordination of international patients and medical care.

Moreover, the Independent Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) awarded us as Best Medical Travel Agency in 2017.

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