Dental implants costs have steadied for a few years but are now on the rise again. Affording the treatment can be difficult, especially as a single dental implant cost in the UK can start at around £1,866. Compare this to what dental implants cost abroad — in Turkey for example, where prices for a single implant start at just €390 — and it’s clear to see why more and more patients are taking up the option of travelling overseas for this dental treatment.

Dental implant surgery involves fitting an artificial tooth in the place of where a natural tooth and root is or was. They're made up of three parts and give the appearance of a real tooth. The treatment provides a long-term solution for those who have one or multiple missing or damaged teeth.

Accessibility to high-quality, cheaper dentists abroad has opened up dental implant surgery to a lot more people, allowing them to talk, smile, and chew more confidently again. But, it also means that there’s no easy answer to, 'how much does it cost for dental implants?' With so many cost estimates and price comparisons available online, it can be difficult to know which clinics offer high-quality dental implants at a fair price.

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost? Starting Prices in the UK and Abroad

As they’re now offered worldwide, finding the best dental implant costs can be tricky, especially as prices can vary based on lots of different factors.

Below, we’ve outlined starting dental implant costs in the UK and abroad. However, it’s important to note that these prices are not fixed or guaranteed. They may also vary from patient to patient, depending on a variety of different factors. But in any case, to mitigate their tooth implant cost, UK patients should consider one of the many locations that surpass their country's overall pricing.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
Czech Republic€1,100
United Kingdom€2,180

All-On-4 Dental Implant Costs in the UK and Abroad

All-on-4 dental implants are a popular option for those looking to replace multiple lost teeth. This method involves a full-arch rehabilitation in which all the teeth are supported by four implants. These implants are placed either in the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both.

Below are starting all-on-4 dental implant costs abroad. These aren’t fixed or guaranteed and may vary from patient to patient.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
United Kingdom€13,900

All-On-6 Dental Implant Costs in the UK and Abroad

All-on-6 dental implants work similarly to all-on-4’s but entail six implants being placed into the upper or lower jaw. We’ve outlined the average all-on-6 dental implants cost in different countries below. These aren’t fixed and may vary between individual cases.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
United Kingdom€17,000

What Are the Factors That Affect Dental Implant Costs?

Different factors can affect dental implant prices. From the materials used to the position of your teeth, there are several reasons why dental implant costs can vary from patient to patient.

Specialist Treatment

You’re paying for specialist care. So, it’s important to ensure that you’re treated by someone who has an excellent reputation for performing the procedure. Dental implant surgery can be performed by a periodontist, an oral surgeon, or a dentist with advanced training in implantology. These professionals undergo specialist training and as such, they may charge higher fees.


The type of material used to make the crowns for dental implants can significantly affect the price. More expensive crowns, such as metal, zirconia, and ceramic, tend to be more durable and longer-lasting. Others, like resin crowns, provide a cheaper option but will need replacing more often. 

Number of Teeth

Dental implant costs can also be influenced by the number of teeth which need to be replaced. Getting as many teeth as possible treated at once can keep costs low, with methods such as all-on-4 and all-on-6 being great options for this.

Woman smiling and showing teeth before and after having all-on-6 dental implants fitted.

All-on-6 dental implants before and after at MDental, Budapest.

Position of Teeth

Dental implant prices can change based on the position of your missing tooth/teeth. Replacing a front tooth is usually more expensive, as the surgery tends to be more complicated and front teeth implants are more expensive. It’s advisable to choose a dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist who specializes in aesthetic implantology if you're having front teeth replaced.

The Hardware

Dental implants are made up of three parts. The implant device itself, the overlying crown, and the abutment, which connects the implant device to the crown. Some clinics may only show you the price for the implant, and not the abutment and crown, so make sure you’re given the price for the hardware.

Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts

One of the main causes of dental implant failure (although this only occurs in around 5-10% of cases) is the implant not fusing to the bone due to insufficient bone density at the implant site. Bone grafts and sinus lifts aim to increase the amount of bone at the implant site. These have to be performed months in advance for the graft to fuse to the bone and heal. A bone graft or sinus lift can add to the overall treatment cost.


Prescriptions for painkillers and mouthwash may be added to the overall tooth implant costs.

Can You Get Dental Implants on the NHS?

Dental implants are usually not offered through the NHS. This means that to get dental implants in the UK, you’ll need to choose a private healthcare provider that offers the treatment. This can be extremely expensive though, with single implants costing around £1,866 and prices for multiple sets such as all-on-4’s often exceeding £10,000.

Dental implants may be available through the NHS for those who aren’t able to wear dentures, or whose teeth have become damaged due to an accident or illness. 

Lowering Your Dental Implant Costs: Travelling Abroad for Treatment

Choosing to travel abroad to get dental implants is becoming increasingly popular. But, going overseas for dental treatment is still a big decision and there are a few common questions that patients ask before booking their treatment.

1. Do I Have to Be Away From Home for a Long Time to Get Dental Implants Abroad?

2. Why Are Dental Implant Costs Abroad So Cheap?

3. How Does the Aftercare and Recovery Stage Work?

How Else Can You Cut Down Your Tooth Implant Costs?

As well as travelling abroad to find lower dental implant costs abroad, there are a few other things that can help to cut down your costs.

Search Around for Flights

You can save a lot of money by reducing your travel expenses. Great deals can be found by avoiding peak seasons or school holidays. Flight comparison sites like Google Flights and Skyscanner let you compare prices, airlines, and view the cheapest times to fly. If international flights are expensive from your nearest airport consider taking an indirect flight or hop on a train to a larger airport with better connections.

Unique Package Deals

Many high-quality dental clinics offer all-inclusive package deals for international patients which include accommodation, airport shuttles, and transfers to and from the clinic. This means that you don’t have to worry about working out how to get around in a foreign city that you don’t know. 

Balancing Price and Quality

It’s important to avoid the temptation of going for the cheapest price out there. Taking the time to book with Qunomedical-approved dental implant specialists will ensure that you receive treatment that is just as good, or better, than at home. If you try to save money by going to a lower-quality dental professional you can jeopardize your health and you may even have to spend more money on having another dentist repair the damage.


It may be tempting to go for a cheaper material for your implants but it makes more financial sense to invest in a more durable material. This can save you from having to spend more money on replacing it in the future.

What High-Quality Clinics Offer Cheap Dental Implants?

Year on year, more and more patients are travelling abroad to find lower dental implant prices, with high-quality, affordable options available worldwide. But, this can make things overwhelming when it comes to trying to decide where to have your treatment.


Croatia is also becoming increasingly well-known for being one of the number one countries for dental care. When it comes to implants, this is no different, with specialists like Dr. Dario Repic, DDM, PhD leading the way in the development of restorative dentistry and implantology. Dr. Repic has over 17 years of experience as a dentist, performing over 2,000 treatments.

Man smiling and showing his teeth before and after undergoing dental implant surgery.

Dental implant surgery before and after at Dental Center Repic, Croatia.


One of the most popular options for dental implant surgery, Hungary, is hard to overlook. Its capital city Budapest is home to some of the most well known dental clinics. 

Medicover Dental Clinic, for example, is located in the heart of the city and is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. Known more commonly as MDental, the clinic has been internationally recognised for its high standards of care, with accreditation from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

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