Founded by Dr. Sophie Chung in 2015, Qunomedical is a patient first digital healthcare service. Our Berlin-based company was built on the foundations of revolutionising the conventional one-size-fits-all approach of global health systems. With an everyday mission of helping patients to find high-quality treatments — regardless of their background or financial position — we now serve over 6,500 patients every month and boast a portfolio of more than 35 professionally vetted clinics and over 1,000 renowned physicians. 

Qunomedical has received strong backing from reputable investors such as Project A, 500 Startups, and Kima Ventures. Our team of 60+ employees have been working tirelessly to expand the reach of Qunomedical’s service, allowing us to now operate in six different European countries.

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At Qunomedical, we love working together with journalists worldwide to create unique, insightful, and informative stories around all aspects of healthcare. If you’re a member of the press and would like to contact us for collaboration, please reach out to us anytime.





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Our Qunomedical quality pledge is the backbone to everything that we do. It’s by following these principles that we strive to tackle the global need for better, simple, and more affordable access to healthcare. Our service is independent and transparent, following a “Patient First, Us Second.” approach that never puts the needs of a doctor or clinic before those of a patient. Every doctor and clinic that is listed on the Qunomedical platform has been thoroughly vetted in accordance with our unique and proprietary scoring system, Qunoscore. This helps us to ensure that we’re not only providing access to easier and more affordable healthcare, but also that the quality of care provided meets exceptional standards.

Qunomedical Articles & Content

On our blog our content team writes about the latest trends and news on digital health, patients and beyond. Take a look at some of our most recent articles.

Are Fast-Food and Takeaway Spots Bulging Our Waistlines?

08.01.2021 England’s growing number of obesity diagnoses and takeaway locations. Qunomedical explores this relationship in light of National Obesity Awareness Week (UK).

The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Around the World in 2020

30.11.2020 2020 saw a boom in plastic surgery globally. Discover the most popular cosmetic surgery around the world in our latest data study.

Cosmetic Surgery Interest in UK Soars During Lockdown

14.09.2020 In our latest study, we explore why Google searches in cosmetic surgery and other treatments have exploded during lockdown.

Press Voices

Qunomedical is frequently featured throughout various media outlets, thanks to our continuing development and innovation within global healthcare. Below, you can find some examples including articles, podcasts, and videos featuring Qunomedical-related stories.

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(German) Wir konnten trotz eines bescheidenen Frühlings massiv wachsen

08.12.2020 Qunomedical setzt auf Medizin-Tourismus. Die Corona-Krise traf das Startup deswegen hart. "Wir haben die Zeit jedoch sinnvoll genutzt und unsere Systeme und Abläufe massiv optimiert, so dass wir dann einen sehr erfolgreichen Sommer hingelegt haben";, sagt Gründerin Sophie Chung.

(German) Qunomedical-Gründerin: „Angst gehört nicht in mein Lebenskonzept"

15.11.2019 Die Medizinunternehmerin verbindet Ärzte und Patienten. Im Interview spricht sie über Durchhaltevermögen, Gehaltsverhandlungen und Teamarbeit.

Nine Experts On The Trends That Changed Healthtech In The Last Decade, And The Innovations To Expect By 2030

16.01.2020 As we enter 2020, it seems like a good moment to reflect on how technology has reshaped the way we think about, and deliver, healthcare in the last 10 years, and to look forward to the innovations that might transform our sector in the decade ahead. 


(German) Dr. Sophie Chung: Die härteste Woche meines Lebens

Dr. Sophie Chung: No Bullshit