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Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure to change the appearance of your nose. While this is often performed for cosmetic reasons — especially among celebrities — nose jobs can also be undertaken for medical reasons, like to correct breathing problems. The treatment typically involves restructuring, reshaping, or a reduction in size. 

As such a prominent part of our face, feeling self-conscious about the shape or size of our nose can be a real confidence killer. Thankfully, rhinoplasty surgery, often referred to as a nose job, provides a straightforward solution. The phenomenon of the nose job has a long history and the popularity of this treatment has increased over recent years. 

But, while there are many good reasons for getting a nose job, it’s still a significant procedure to undergo. Knowing how to find the right clinic and doctor, trying to balance price and quality, and choosing between having a rhinoplasty in the UK or abroad in countries like Turkey, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic or Lithuania, are just a few of the questions facing prospective patients.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery Quick Details


  • Those looking to change the appearance of their nose.

  • Those who are looking to correct their nose following an accident.

  • Rhinoplasty surgery is most successful after the age of 18.



  • Resume normal daily activities 5-7 days after your treatment.

  • Within 7-14 days the majority of the bruising and swelling should reduce.

  • The majority of the healing should clear up after 4-6 weeks

  • Subtle changes may be noticeable for up to one year.



  • Numbness

  • Nosebleeds

  • Scarring at the base of the nose

  • Swelling

  • Nerve damage

  • Under or overcorrection, which can result in the need for a revision rhinoplasty


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How Much Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty costs are now a lot more affordable than they used to be. However, the cost can vary depending on a few different factors.

Prices for a nose job are affected by:

  • The experience and reputation of the doctor that you choose

  • The standard of the facilities at the clinic in which you undergo treatment

  • The type of rhinoplasty surgery that you undergo

  • Whether you decide to have a rhinoplasty in the UK or abroad

Quno Price

Below, we’ve laid out an overview of the average starting prices for rhinoplasty surgery in a number of popular countries. These prices are not fixed or guaranteed and may vary from patient to patient depending on individual circumstances.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
Czech Republic€2,810
United Kingdom€6,000

How Does a Nose Job Work?

Since there are so many types of rhinoplasty surgery, each with different goals and predicted outcomes, the process varies widely. However, there are certain steps that are common to all rhinoplasty surgeries.

Doctors performing rhinoplasty surgery on a patient.
  • Preparing for surgery: You’ll be given either general anaesthesia or IV sedation to eliminate any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

  • Making the incisions: Tiny incisions are made inside the nostrils or in the area between the nostrils. 

  • Reshaping and restructuring: Depending on the goal of the surgery, your nose will either be reshaped or restructured. Once complete, the incisions are then closed.

Types of Nose Jobs: What Are the Different Rhinoplasty Procedures Available?

Once you’ve decided to pursue a rhinoplasty, it’s important to spend time with your doctor to plan the treatment and decide which technique is right for you. There are a variety of different types of rhinoplasty procedures that are suitable, depending on the reasons and goals for your treatment.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Refinement Rhinoplasty

Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

Planning Your Rhinoplasty Surgery: Open vs. Closed

When it comes to planning your nose job, you may have the option of undergoing either an open or closed rhinoplasty surgery. These are two different surgical approaches, each of which has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Open Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • Involves creating incisions around the base of the nose.

  • Carried out in cases where more significant reshaping or restructuring is needed.

  • More invasive than a closed rhinoplasty and usually results in more swelling and a longer recovery period.

Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • No incisions are made outside of the nose.

  • Involves accessing the areas that are to be worked on through the nostrils.

  • A closed rhinoplasty tends to work more effectively in cases where only minor revisions or corrections are required.

  • Leaves no visible scarring and less swelling since the incisions are made within the nostrils.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Surgery

A new open rhinoplasty technique, known as ultrasonic rhinoplasty, is also an alternative option to consider. This innovative method uses ultrasonic waves to allow the surgeon to make more precise adjustments to the nose. Not only this, but an ultrasonic rhinoplasty also allows the surgeon to be more delicate and accurate when it comes to scraping, reshaping, or smoothing the bone. This technique is becoming increasingly common, with rhinoplasty specialists such as Dr. Mehmet Cicek, MD, offering the treatment at the world-renowned Memorial Bahcelievler hospital in Istanbul.

Combining Rhinoplasty With Other Treatments

Rhinoplasty can also be combined with another nose surgery when necessary. Below, we’ve outlined the most common ones in more detail.


Alar Base Reduction (Alarplasty)

Cartilage Transplantation

Nose Job Results and Recovery

Recovery from rhinoplasty surgery can take a few weeks, so we’d advise you to take at least one week off work to give yourself time to rest and recover. Bear in mind too that simple tasks like chewing may be painful or uncomfortable in the first few days following your treatment, so be patient and take things slowly.

  • Post-Op Recovery: Week One

    During the first week, you may have to wear a cast on your nose with a piece of gauze taped underneath to catch any excess fluid or blood. It's likely that you'll feel sore and congested, with light discomfort from swelling, especially during the first three days. You may also see dark bruising around your nose.

  • Post-Op Recovery: Week Two

    In week two of your recovery, it’s likely that you’ll have your cast, gauze tape, or similar removed. During this time you can expect to see the dissolvable sutures in your nose start to disappear and improvements or the complete disappearance of your bruising/swelling. You should be able to return to most light activities during this time.

  • Post-Op Recovery: Week Three

    Three weeks after your rhinoplasty surgery is the point at which most patients are through the worst part of the recovery phase. During this period some of the positive results should begin to show and a reduction in swelling may begin to reveal subtle changes in your nose. You should also be able to resume normal activities, including most forms of exercise.

  • Post-Op Recovery: Week Four and Beyond

    By week four, the majority of swelling should have reduced, with most cases experiencing an 85% reduction in swelling by month three and 95% by month six. However, the full results of your rhinoplasty procedure can take up to a year to show.

For a real insight into a real patient’s rhinoplasty journey, check out our Quno Patient Story: Fereba's Rhinoplasty in Turkey.

Rhinoplasty Surgery: At Home or Abroad?

Choosing between whether to have a rhinoplasty abroad or in the UK can be tricky. Travelling overseas for a nose job has become more common recently and there are a few important reasons for this.

Patients choose to have a rhinoplasty abroad because:

  1. The cost of rhinoplasty surgery at clinics abroad is much lower than in the UK.

  2. Some of the most qualified and experienced rhinoplasty doctors are based overseas.

  3. The standards of care offered at clinics abroad often exceed those offered at clinics in the UK.

  4. Access to rhinoplasty surgery abroad is often easier, with more doctors and shorter waiting lists.

  5. Travelling overseas for treatment allows you to recover in a safe and private space.

Undergoing a Rhinoplasty Abroad: How Does It Work?

Despite increasing in popularity, travelling abroad for healthcare can still feel daunting. Thankfully though, clinics overseas have become well-versed in caring for international patients and have a range of processes and procedures in place to ensure that treatment journeys are as smooth and straightforward as possible. However, there are still a few common questions that patients ask before travelling abroad for their rhinoplasty surgery.

1. Will My Doctor Be Able to Speak English?

2. I'm Worried About Getting Around in a City I Don't Know. Will My Clinic Help With This?

3. How Long Will I Need to Be Abroad for My Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Why Choose Qunomedical?

At Qunomedical, we believe that high-quality, affordable healthcare should be easily and readily accessible to all. From providing some information on rhinoplasty surgery to assisting patients with booking their treatments, we’re here to help!

100% free, non-binding assessment: Whether you’re just looking for some more in-depth information, or are ready to book your rhinoplasty surgery, we offer a 100% free, non-binding assessment. 

World-renowned doctors: Our proprietary scoring system Qunoscore assesses doctors on over 20 different data points including qualifications, experience, accreditations, number of treatments performed, value for money, and reviews from past patients. 

Qunomedical-exclusive packages: When booking through Qunomedical, you’ll have the opportunity to access all-inclusive packages for your rhinoplasty that include things like accommodation, airport shuttle services, and clinic transfers. Simply book your flights and leave the rest to the clinic.

End-to-end care: We’ll stay with you throughout the entire recovery process, available to answer any questions you may have. We’ll check in with you regularly and you can also get in touch with your doctor for any post-op advice.


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Rhinoplasty Reviews

Rhinoplasty Reviews

Rhinoplasty Surgery

After researching the Internet on how to go about getting a Rhinoplasty surgery and the best places to get this procedure, I contacted Qunomedical. Kaam instantly got back in touch with me asking some questions and coming back to me with a few very good suggestions. Within 24 hours of making contact with Qunomedical I had the Country & Clinic I was going to have the surgery with booked in. I choose to go to Turkey and had my operation done with Dr Elmas in Cayra Clinic in Antalya. After I had my deposit paid Kaam then passed over all my details to Maira who looks after customer care at Qunomedical. Maira has been fantastic throughout the whole process, updating me regularly leading up to my departure date to Turkey, making sure I had all my information with me ie passport etc. Cayra Clinic were amazing, transport was waiting for outside the Airport Terminal building, a top of the range chauffeur SUV is what I was transported around in during my stay in Antalya. All the while Maira was constantly keeping in touch with me checking I was OK and happy with how things were going. I had my Rhinoplasty surgery on the 1st November which went really well, I spent a night in the hospital and was discharged the following day after a consultation with Dr Elmas who showed me the before and after photos, which were amazing the difference. I then recovered back in my hotel La Boutique Hotel in Antalya which was perfect, lovely quiet hotel with stunning ocean views. Three days after my operation I was brought to Dr Elmas clinic were my splint was removed and Dr Elmas went through the healing process over the coming months with me. I am now back home in Ireland feeling fantastic. I was really impressed with how efficient Qunomedical were in dealing with me from start to finish, I cannot recommend Qunomedical highly effort! I genuinely mean this they offer a fantastic service with wonderful people working for them, Kaam who initially made contact with me and them Maira my Customer Care agent both were fantastic throughout my Rhinoplasty journey. Thank you both. For anyone thinking for getting any surgery done whether it be Rhinoplasty, Veneers etc I can only highly recommend working with Qunomedical. Excellent company offering a wonderful service. Thank you Kaam & Maira

Kieron Friel
Qunomedical have been amazing

Qunomedical have been amazing, having surgery is pretty nerve racking never mind going abroad for it and how to find the right surgeon for you, if your anything like me I like to no absolutely everything going to Qunomedical eliminates the stress they do everything for you, they no everything about the surgeans how long the ratings the reviews the organise the package holiday, my hotel was beautiful 5* the hospital where I was, was absolutely amazing I never expected it to be like that at all, Khan who works for Quonomedical. Thankyou so much for being very helpful and Supportive and patient with me prior to booking everything

Coral Moore
  • Trustpilot
  • Dr. Salih Onur Basat Clinic
  • Salih Onur Basat
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I would like to thank qunomedical!

(Translated by Google) I would like to thank qunomedical! It had been my dream for years to have a nose job, but I was very afraid of finding the wrong doctor and ultimately ruining my face. That's how I came across qunomedical! They sent me hospitals as often as I needed so that I could find the perfect clinic that suits me and my needs. All the ladies who worked with me there were really nice and patient with me and my many questions. My nose turned out great! Thank you again! (Original) Ich möchte mich bei qunomedical bedanken! Es war seit Jahren mein Traum eine Nasen op zu vollziehen, war aber sehr ängstlich den falschen Arzt zu finden und damit mein Gesicht endgültig zu ruinieren. So kam ich auf qunomedical! Sie schickten mir so oft Krankenhäuser wie ich es brauchte, damit ich ja die perfekte Klinik finde, die zu mir und meinen Ansprüchen passt. Alle Damen die dort mit mir gearbeitet haben, waren total lieb und geduldig mit mir und meinen vielen Fragen. Meine Nase ist toll geworden! Vielen Dank noch mal!

Selin Düzen
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Nose surgery in Istanbul

Due to my nose surgery in Munich this year, which resulted in a bad outcome, I decided to have another surgery at Qunomedical in Istanbul. At the first moment it was difficult for me to restore my trust in doctors, but I was taught better. From the first minute until after the operation I can say that I am 100% satisfied and grateful with the result of the doctors and the hospital staff who operated on me in Istanbul and of course the ladies and gentlemen on the phone.

Gerhard Uhlmann

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