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Patient having pre-treatment consultation at MEO Clinic in Berlin, Germany.

Patient having pre-treatment consultation at MEO Clinic in Berlin, Germany.

Rhinoplasty in Germany: Why Travel Abroad?

Germany is one of Europe’s top choices for rhinoplasty surgery. Whether you’re looking to adjust the shape of your nose, reduce its overall size, or correct a breathing issue, Germany’s combination of renowned doctors, impressive medical facilities, and affordable treatment prices are making it an increasingly popular choice among prospective patients.

Germany has always been at the forefront of the cosmetic surgery industry. When it comes to getting a nose job, an increasing number of patients from the UK are choosing Germany for their treatment, allowing them to take advantage of the country’s combination of exceptional standards of care and affordable treatment costs.

What are the advantages of rhinoplasty clinics in Germany?

Getting a rhinoplasty in Germany lets you access some of the best doctors in Europe. With impressive qualifications, top-level training, and extensive experience found at clinics throughout the country, German rhinoplasty specialists are experts who use the latest techniques and technologies.

They also operate out of some of Europe’s best medical facilities. These facilities are well-versed in caring for patients from the UK, with English-speaking staff and all-inclusive packages that make having treatment abroad as easy as it would be at home.

Is it worth travelling to Germany for a nose job?

Travelling abroad to get a nose job in Germany is straightforward. Flights from the UK only take around one to two hours and budget airlines allow for an affordable way to travel from most airports across the country.

As a British national, you won’t need a visa to enter Germany, but it’s important to check the latest government advice on entry requirements before travelling for your treatment. Passport requirements are more strict nowadays so make sure that your passport:

  • Has been issued within the last ten years

  • Is valid for at least another three months after your return

Appointments for rhinoplasty surgery can be hard to get in close-by, UK-based clinics. You could extend your search to other cities within the UK, or you could check if there are appointments at a convenient time available in Germany. This way it's likely that you will get the same high-quality treatment at a date that suits you best - often for a better price.

Why book with Qunomedical?

Navigating the German healthcare system can be challenging for locals and foreigners alike. With a wide range of public and private hospitals available, as well as options for private treatments in some public hospitals, it can be overwhelming to determine which clinic or hospital is the best fit for your individual needs.

At Qunomedical, we understand the complexities of the German healthcare system and have helped many international patients find the best clinic in Germany. Our team of experts carefully select our partner clinics based on strict quality criteria, including the qualifications and experience of the medical staff, the availability of modern equipment and technology, and the quality of patient care.

We continuously monitor and assess our partner clinics to ensure that they maintain the highest standards of quality and patient satisfaction. Our goal is to provide our patients with access to the best healthcare available, whether that means finding a top-tier hospital or clinic in Germany or elsewhere in the world.

Find the Right Rhinoplasty Specialist at a Fraction of the Cost

Qunomedical only lists rhinoplasty clinics and doctors that have been thoroughly vetted with quality and affordability in mind. Contact us for your 100% free, non-binding assessment.

Can I travel alone to Germany for the treatment?

If you're considering traveling to Germany for rhinoplasty surgery, you may be wondering whether you can travel alone or whether it's necessary to have someone with you as you go through your whole treatment journey.

In most cases, rhinoplasty surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require extensive aftercare. This means that patients are typically able to take care of themselves after the surgery and do not require a caregiver or companion to assist them during their recovery. The clinics in Germany also offer support to patients in case they do not feel well or have concerns about traveling back home.

However, we understand that having a loved one or companion nearby can provide a sense of comfort and support during the recovery process. That's why at Qunomedical, we work to secure additional discounts for double rooms in hotels where our patients stay whilst receiving their treatment. This way, you can have someone close by to provide emotional support during your recovery without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, whether you choose to travel alone or with a companion is a personal choice that depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Regardless of your decision, Qunomedical will work with you to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care and support during your journey to better health.

Is it worth it?

Yes! Based on 500+ Patient Reviews

What is the cost?

Starting at €4,500 in Germany

Is a visa needed?

British nationals don't need a visa to enter Germany, but it's important to check the latest government advice before travelling.

Why Choose Qunomedical?

  • 100% free, non-binding assessment

  • Professionally vetted doctors and clinics

  • Qunomedical-exclusive packages including accommodation, airport pick-ups, and transfers

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What does rhinoplasty surgery cost in Germany?

Germany is becoming a top choice for those looking to change the appearance of their nose. With its selection of renowned doctors, modern medical infrastructure and competitive treatment prices, it’s easy to see why getting a nose job in Germany is becoming increasingly popular. 

Before booking their treatment though, prospective patients often want to know how much a nose job costs in Germany compared to in the UK. Below, we’ve outlined the starting price for both, as well as a in few other European countries. Bear in mind that these prices are not fixed or guaranteed and may vary based on individual circumstances.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
Czech Republic€2,810
United Kingdom€6,000

What Factors Influence the Price of Nose Jobs in Germany?

Despite Germany’s lower prices compared to the UK, the treatment standards on offer match — and often exceed — what you’d get at home. But, there are a few factors that can affect rhinoplasty costs in Germany and it’s important to keep these in mind when planning your treatment.

  • Rhinoplasty type: The type of nose job that you undergo can affect the price you pay for treatment. Simply put, straightforward procedures like a refinement rhinoplasty tend to be cheaper than more complex procedures such as a reconstructive rhinoplasty.

  • Combining treatments: If you’re undergoing a rhinoplasty in Germany for medical reasons, such as to correct a breathing issue, then your doctor may also recommend undergoing a septoplasty. This can help to improve airflow through the nose by correcting a deviated septum, but it’s likely to also increase the overall price of your treatment.

  • Treatment packages: Many German rhinoplasty clinics offer all-inclusive packages for international patients, which typically include things like accommodation, airport transfers, and a shuttle service to take you to and from the clinic.

What can I do between my appointments?

Exploring the city in which you have your rhinoplasty surgery in Germany can be a great idea before and after the operation, provided that the doctor has given permission and you feel up to it.

Getting around in German cities is easy and quick with public transportation, which makes it convenient for patients to explore the city. Additionally, Germany has numerous famous museums and beautiful exhibitions that you can visit during your stay. The cultural offer in Germany is diverse, so there's something for everyone to enjoy, plus, you'll always be able to find centrally located parks to unwind in

Apart from cultural activities, German cities offer a wide range of culinary delights to tantalize your taste buds. Even in small towns, you'll have a choice between German, Italian, Turkish and Asian cuisine. In bigger cities, the options are almost too numerous to decide where to go! So indulge in the local gastronomic scene and discover new flavours during your stay in Germany.

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