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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular procedures worldwide. Anxiety about the shape and size of our bodies is, unfortunately, common. Breast enlargement surgery aims to help with this, by augmenting or reshaping the size of women's breasts. While this can be a great source of newly found confidence and happiness for many women, choosing the right doctor and clinic to go for can be a difficult decision.

Qunomedical is here to help make this decision as easy as possible. We’ll work with you every step of the way, listening to your concerns, and chatting through the two main options that are available to you: breast augmentation with fat transfer or breast implant surgery. For cost-conscious patients, we’ll focus on affordable breast enlargement and breast surgery clinics abroad, to make sure that financial barriers don’t stand in your way of receiving high-quality healthcare. For more detailed information on prices, check out our breast augmentation cost guide. Below, we’ve outlined the two most popular and successful breast augmentation surgery techniques, as well as more general information about the procedure. Contact us and we’ll assign you a personal Patient Manager who will help you to find information, book your breast augmentation surgery, and help you reach world-renowned doctors.

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What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Simply put, breast augmentation — or augmentation mammoplasty — is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape the size of a woman's breasts. This procedure, commonly referred to as a boob job, is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, with new developments helping the treatment to evolve in recent years. Breast augmentation surgery is performed using implants or fat transfer and is commonly undertaken by women who have had children and are looking to restore volume and shape after pregnancy. In many other cases though, women who are generally unhappy with the aesthetics of their breasts often undergo this treatment. Other types of breast surgery can also be carried out for reconstructive purposes, in particular for women who have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

What Are the Different Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

There are two main types of breast augmentation available today. Choosing the right one will depend on what your goals and expectations from the treatment are, as well as your initial reasons for undertaking it. If you choose Qunomedical as your partner for your procedure, this can be discussed in detail with your Patient Manager and your doctor.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

The first technique, breast augmentation with fat transfer, involves extracting fat from one part of your body and injecting it into the breasts to improve their contours. The extracted fat is usually taken from areas in which there’s excess, such as the stomach or thighs. This is something that you’ll discuss with your doctor during initial consultations.

With this breast enlargement technique, your doctor will draw out fat from the chosen area using what’s known as a cannula. The fat is then injected into the breast — you’ll be given anesthesia for this part — via a small incision made by your doctor. The final step is to close the incisions. This is typically done using either stitches, medical-grade skin adhesive, or surgical tape, depending on where exactly the incisions are. If your doctor uses dissolvable stitches, your body will break these down within 6–8 weeks. Otherwise, regular stitches are usually taken out after seven days.

Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery uses prosthetic implants designed to change the size, shape, and contour of a woman’s breast. These implants can be filled with either a saline solution or silicone gel. Silicone implants tend to be the more popular option as they offer a more natural look and feel, with less risk of rippling. 

Before your breast implant surgery, you’ll be given anesthesia through either an intravenous sedation (IV) line or general anesthesia. This can be discussed with your doctor prior to the surgery. The first step of the treatment is to create the incisions for the implants. Again, the incision site is something that you can discuss with your doctor in your initial consultations, however, incisions are always made in inconspicuous areas in an attempt to keep any scarring as hidden as possible.

  • Subglandular implant placement: This method allows the implants to be placed directly behind your breast tissue and in front of the pectoral muscle.

  • Subpectoral implant placement: The implant is positioned in a pocket underneath your pectoral muscle.

The method that your doctor uses will depend on your body type, your preferred implant type and how large the implants are. Similarly to breast augmentation with fat transfer, once the implants have been inserted your doctor will close the incisions using either stitches, medical-grade skin adhesive, or surgical tape. Dissolvable stitches are broken down by your body after 6–8 weeks, while normal stitches are usually removed after seven days. Depending on your individual situation, breast implants should be long-lasting, normally needing to be replaced after around 10 days.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

At Qunomedical, we understand that this kind of treatment has often felt financially out of reach for a lot of patients. This doesn’t have to be the case though, which is why we’re here to help you find affordable breast augmentation surgery options, at home and abroad. Breast enlargement prices are dependent on a number of different factors and they vary heavily across locations. For example, average prices for breast augmentation surgery in Turkey can be as low as €2,200, while in the US the average price for the procedure is €7,260.

Below are starting prices for different countries using standard, round-shaped, submuscular, <400cc breast implants. These prices are not fixed or guaranteed and may vary based on a number of different factors.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
Czech Republic€2,921
United States€6,825


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What Are the Results of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

98% of women say that they are satisfied with the results of their breast augmentation surgery. But, it’s important to go into the treatment with realistic expectations about what you hope the results of the procedure will be. This is something that we encourage you to discuss with both your doctor and a Qunomedical Patient Manager. Our team are always available to discuss any worries and concerns that you may have at any point throughout your treatment journey. While you might notice some changes immediately following your surgery, bear in mind that it can take anywhere from 6–12 months for the final results to appear. For some patients, it may also take more than one session to achieve a desired look, while additional factors such as breastfeeding and weight fluctuations can also influence the appearance of your breasts post-surgery.

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Abroad or at Home?

There are an increasing number of patients traveling abroad to undergo breast augmentation surgery. But, why is this? There are a few common reasons as to why more patients are having this treatment overseas:

  • The average cost of breast augmentation abroad is typically much lower than in places like the UK or the US.

  • Overseas clinics are home to some of the most experienced and renowned surgeons.

  • Abroad treatment packages give you time to rest and recover in a quiet and private space.

Qunomedical patients also often opt to go abroad due to the end-to-end care you receive, with airport pick-ups, luxury hotel stays, and more, providing a relaxing end to your treatment journey.

Why Choose Qunomedical?

Qunomedical was founded on the strong belief that high-quality, affordable healthcare should be universally accessible, regardless of background factors. That’s why we always put patients first and offer a 100% free, non-binding assessment. From initial information and consultations to booking clinics and treatment packages, we’ve helped a number of patients find the healthcare that they need. If you’re interested in breast augmentation surgery, at home or abroad, then contact us and one of our Patient Managers will be in touch to get your treatment journey started.



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