We believe that the ultimate healthcare choice of what to do, where to go, and who to have a procedure done with is made easier with someone you trust on your side. Qunomedical strives to be that someone: our goal is to be your partner through your healthcare experience, and to open the doors to the highest quality information, doctors, clinics and care—worldwide.

No two patients are alike—from their medical needs, to their emotional demands and comfort levels, everyone has different priorities and requests when it comes to handling their healthcare. For some, it’s getting an appointment quickly, for others it’s getting a treatment done that doesn’t break the bank, and for others it’s feeling in control of their process by having all the facts before walking into the office. But the common goal for everyone is knowing that you’re ultimately choosing from the highest quality healthcare available, whether you’re booking an appointment down the street or halfway across the globe.

All too often our health systems follow a one-size-fits-all approach, leaving patients to fend for themselves with too little treatment information, long appointment wait times, and no individualized care support. Qunomedical is here to change that.


  • We put patients first
  • High quality
    Choose from verified top doctors at fair prices.
  • Fast appointments
    Timely access to healthcare.
  • Full transparency
    Clear price quotes, no hidden costs.
  • We work for you!
    A companion throughout every step of your journey.


  • You need to find a doctor, facility or treatment anywhere in the world.
    We are here to help you choose from best medical professionals on our platform. While we support you in your decision and booking, please keep in mind that Qunomedical does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
  • You are unsure of a treatment or a destination.
    Qunomedical will liaise with the doctor and clinic on your behalf to make sure you’re in best hands. Your diagnosis, treatment plan, and actual procedure will be signed off and performed by the hospital, for which they own full responsibility - just like with any other hospital you have been to until now.
  • You want to have someone supporting you along the way.
    We will not be physically with you at the clinic but we’ll offer our complete support by being available 24/7 via phone, Whatsapp, or email for questions, concerns, or anything else you might need.


Our team is multilingual, multinational, and multitalented; we are customer service specialists, marketers, lawyers, writers, data scientists, engineers, designers, and yes—doctors! All coming from different backgrounds, we each bring to Qunomedical a drive for improving the way our global patients access healthcare.
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Dr. Sophie Chung
CEO & Founder
Gero Graf
COO & Founder


Our Health Managers make sure you get your healthcare journey just right, from the beginning to the end and beyond. Speaking 6 languages, they are your home base at Qunomedical and are united by one mission: to help you experience healthcare easily, confidently, and seamlessly.


Dana Plato
HR & Finance
Luise Wurlitzer
Ambra Andrei
Christoph Wülfing
Business Development
Benjamin Nådland
Alexandre Figueiredo
Nicole McDuffie
Caitlin Russell
Public Relations
André Pitié
Jeremy De Gail
Data Science
Soumyanjalee Mahapatra
Maria Fedoruk
Business Development
Martina Viduka
Business Development
Jonas Beier
Anna Wiecka
Phillip Ozaki
Business Development
Nigar Sadiqli