Our Qunomedical Quality Pledge

  • Patients first. Always.
  • Best quality. Best prices. Highest quality care at affordable prices.
  • No wait. Timely access to healthcare.
  • Full transparency. Clear price quotes, no hidden costs.
  • We work for you! A companion throughout every step of your journey.

What We Do

We work for you. On our website, we will only show you hospitals which we have carefully and individually selected, based on our strict quality standards. This way, you don’t have to browse through a massive amount of information in order to find the best hospital for you or your loved ones.

We make it easy for you to search for top clinics and hospitals which perform any treatment you’re looking for; we’ll give you an overview of how much you can expect to pay and the destinations you can travel to. If you find a hospital or clinic you like, you can request a free quote and you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan along with the price. We’ll be there with you throughout every step of your journey; during your research, the booking process, your hospital visit and your recuperation period.

With Qunomedical, you can be sure that you’ll get the best quality at the most affordable prices.

How We Select Clinics

We’re an independent company that works for you, not the hospitals. We only show you the hospitals that we’ve carefully hand-selected based on strict quality criteria, so that you don’t have to browse through massive amounts of information in order to find the best hospital for your treatment.

Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we intend to prove that to you. All of our partner clinics and hospitals have received accreditations from the Joint Commission International (JCI) or have the highest national accreditation. Consultants at JCI-accredited institutions are the most skilled and experienced in the industry.

We work exclusively with hospitals that are highly experienced in dealing with international patients, and which have English-speaking staff, translators and high customer- satisfaction ratings.


Dr. Sophie Chung

CEO & Founder

Gero Graf

COO & Founder

Health Managers

Our Health Managers are happy to assist you with any questions you might have. Feel free to contact them for more information!

Shaz Iqbal


Julia Sahlmann


Ryan Badke


Jackie Chang


Emma Allen


Coree Howard


Clara Heilburg



Dana Plato

HR & Finance

Sebastian Wenzel


Luise Wurlitzer


Ambra Andrei


Christoph Wülfing

Business Development

Benjamin Nådland


Alexandre Figueiredo


Alex Evans


Nicole McDuffie


Christiane Harders

Public Relations

Interested in working with us? You can check our open positions on our career page!

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