Qunoscore: Our Unique and Proprietary Scoring System

With so many doctors out there, how can you find one that’s right for you? And, how can you be sure that the doctor you choose is qualified, experienced, and trustworthy? That’s why we introduced Qunoscore, an impartial, proprietary scoring system created and developed by us.

Qunoscore is a comparison of doctors from all over the world on a level playing field, so you can confidently choose from specialists who are best in class. Our goal is that every doctor listed by Qunomedical has been thoroughly vetted in accordance with the Qunoscore criteria, ensuring that you’re only ever presented with information about high-quality, qualified, experienced, and fairly priced doctors.

We aim for complete transparency in everything we do. On our doctor profile pages, for example, you can see a detailed breakdown of the Qunoscore for that specific doctor and how it was calculated based on the individual factors. This allows you to choose a doctor based on the criteria that matter most to you, with a scoring system that is transparent and upfront.

Calculating Qunocore: How Does It Work?

Qunoscore is an impartial scoring system that uses both qualitative and quantitative measurements for assessing the quality of a doctor. By taking over 20 unique data points into account — including qualifications, experience, accreditations, reviews from past patients, and value for money — Qunoscore effectively and efficiently identifies the most reputable doctors worldwide.

Graph showing and explaining the categories used for calculating Qunoscore.

Assessment Category: 1. Qualification

Our assessment of a doctor’s overall qualification is determined by their education and their experience. We also look closely at where they were educated, any relevant specialisations they may have, membership of internationally-recognised organisations, and any additional academic and scientific activity they have been involved in.

Graph showing how a doctor's qualifications are calculated using Qunoscore.

Assessment Category: 2. Quality of Service

As well as choosing from those who are qualified and experienced, we only ever select doctors who provide the highest quality of care. When assessing quality of service, we analyse not just the treatment itself, but all the steps that take place before, during, and afterwards. This includes appointment availability, payment options, the responsiveness of the clinic and doctor, and whether the doctor speaks English or if translators are made available.

Graph showing how quality of service is calculated using Qunoscore.

Assessment Category: 3. Value for Money

We work hard to not only make sure that you receive high-quality healthcare, but also that you’re offered it at a fair price. Our value for money assessment category is designed to do exactly this, evaluating doctors based on data points such as price levels, accommodation options, clinic transfers, and the inclusion of aftercare costs.

Graph showing how value for money is calculated using Qunoscore.

Assessment Category: 4. Patient Reviews

Reviews from past patients are essential in helping us to determine the overall quality of a doctor. We verify every review on our platform to ensure that they reflect the genuine experiences of real patients. We also look at publicly available reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot, and ask former Qunomedical patients if they would recommend the doctor they visited.

Graph showing how patient reviews are used when calculating Qunoscore.

Let’s Find the Right Doctor Together

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Regardless of whether you decide to book or not, we offer a 100% free, non-binding assessment in which your Patient Manager will provide you with a proposed treatment plan and price for your treatment. If you decide to move forward, your Patient Manager will be your personal point of contact all the way through to your successful recovery.

What does this mean? Our quality assurance and full refund policy ensure that if you don’t see the results that you were promised from your treatment, we’ll pay for a second treatment or give you your money back.

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