The right clinic. For you.

Introducing Qunoscore, a scoring system developed by us.

We at Qunomedical believe that everyone deserves easy access to the best doctors.

That is why we created the Qunoscore, a proprietary scoring system that ensures the very best selection of hospitals and medical specialists worldwide. Qunoscore allows you to compare hospitals and medical specialists from all over the world on a level playing field, and confidently choose the right professionals for your individual needs.


Qunoscore analyses a hospital’s performance across treatment areas, then bases its selection on the following objective data points:

  • Doctors’ experience and education The number of years in practice, education quality and history, practical experience and performance are all taken into account to qualify medical practices. Each hospital and doctor are evaluated by their medical services and patient care before, during, and after the treatment.

  • Treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction All treatment outcomes are monitored to ensure you choose between consistently top performing doctors. Every patient experience will be made available on Qunomedical for all future patients.

  • Healthcare accreditations Checking for national or international accreditations, as well as any memberships to national or international bodies of medical experts, helps qualify facilities that comply with the highest standards of medical care worldwide.

  • Organisational set up Qunoscore cross-references and compares the best clinics and doctors by treatment and across countries. A particular focus is placed on their quality management process and organisational set up towards international patients.

For more information, please contact us at partnerships@qunomedical.com.