How It Works

Let's be honest—healthcare can get complicated. Beyond researching treatments, doctors, locations, care plans, prices, risks and second opinions (deep breath), you want to make sure that you are taken great care of, both physically and mentally. That is where we come in. Qunomedical has your back, every step of the way. How do we make that happen, you ask?


We've done the legwork to make the very best healthcare available to you. Search from more than 1000 doctors in over 25 countries, all carefully vetted with Qunoscore, our proprietary clinic-scoring system. Browsing is easy when you know you're picking from the best of the best.


Still puzzled about a treatment? Unsure of which clinic to pick? Not sure how to deal with insurance? Not a problem. As your personalized healthcare manager, we’re here to clear out all your doubts, listen to your concerns, and send you a quote once you've made up your mind. Best of all, we do all that at no cost for you--throughout your treatment journey, no strings attached.


Staying local? Or traveling across the globe? Sure thing! We’ll make sure you’re completely prepared to jet off. And whether you’re getting ready or are all set, we’ll stand by and take care of every detail (or hiccup!). Call us, whatsapp us, drop us an email or PM us on Facebook - for any question, 24/7.


The time has come! We'll be thinking of you while you're away and make sure your experience runs seamless and worry-free. Don’t spare a thought about anything other than yourself and your treatment. And if something comes up, we’re only a quick phone call away.


Your recovery is as important to us as your treatment. We look forward to catching up with you after your treatment and we will check in from time to time to support you in your recovery, as we love a good success story as much as anyone.

That's it! We've worked hard to make the choice for you as simple as possible - so what are you waiting for?