Rhinoplasty costs are not as daunting as they once were. However, in the UK, a nose job can cost up to £7,000, making it an expensive investment for many patients. Travelling abroad for rhinoplasty surgery though — such as to Turkey where prices start at just €2,380 — you can significantly save on your treatment, without sacrificing on quality.

Rhinoplasty surgery has helped thousands of patients to restore their self-confidence, by altering the size or shape of their nose. Commonly referred to as a nose job, the treatment has been growing in popularity, with celebrities and sports stars showing off their new noses without any stigma. 

But, trying to answer the question “how much does a rhinoplasty cost?” can become overwhelming due to the number of clinics and doctors offering the treatment. There’s also no definitive answer to this question, so it’s important to look at rhinoplasty costs worldwide, as well as examine the factors that affect these.

What Is a Rhinoplasty and How Does It Work?

A rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to alter the size or shape of your nose. This is typically done by either: 

  • Removing or reshaping the bone or cartilage

  • Reducing the size of the bone or cartilage

  • Changing the width of the bridge of the nose

  • Eliminating dips or bumps

  • Altering the tip of the nose

  • Adjusting the shape of the nostrils to create symmetry

Man facing sideways to show the shape of his nose before and after undergoing rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery before and after at Bagatin Clinic, Zagreb.

How Much Does a Nose Job Cost? Starting Prices in the UK and Abroad

Rhinoplasty costs have become more affordable over the last few years. But, finding the best price at the best clinic can be tricky.

Below, we’ve outlined some starting nose job prices in a few different countries, but bear in mind that these figures aren't fixed could fluctuate according to various factors from country to country.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
Czech Republic€2,810
United Kingdom€6,000

As we can see from above, some of the cheapest nose job prices can be found by travelling abroad. Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey is extremely popular, not only because of its low prices. Turkey is also home to state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained doctors who offer exceptional care. Dr. Gamze Bektas, MD for example, is a renowned rhinoplasty specialist based at Gaziosmanpasa Hastanesi (GOP) Hospital in Istanbul. Dr. Bektas has over 15 years of experience and boasts outstanding reviews from her past patients.

What Are the Other Factors That Affect Rhinoplasty Costs?

It’s clear that location plays a significant role in determining overall nose job costs, but there are other factors that can have an influence too. We’ve outlined these in more detail below.

Doctor Choice

Rhinoplasty prices can vary depending on the specific doctor that you choose for your treatment. A doctor with more qualifications, experience, and an established reputation within their field is likely to come with higher fees. It’s recommended to choose this route, rather than trying to find the cheapest doctor out there. An inexperienced doctor, or a clinic with poor facilities, can result in an unsuccessful surgery which may mean having to go back for a second treatment, costing you more money in the end.

Type of Nose Job

Rhinoplasty prices can change depending on the type of nose job that you undergo. More complex surgeries, like a reconstructive rhinoplasty, are often more expensive than more straightforward procedures such as a refinement rhinoplasty. Prices can also vary depending on whether you undergo an open or closed rhinoplasty. Closed is often the cheaper option since it involves a shorter surgery time, but this can vary from clinic to clinic.

Post-Op Care

Depending on your individual situation, you may need to budget for certain post-op expenses. These can include follow-up appointments with your doctor, as well as any recommended prescriptions or medications.

Can You Get a Nose Job on the NHS?

Generally speaking, a nose job isn’t available on the NHS due to the fact that it’s considered to be a cosmetic, elective procedure. As we saw from the table above, this can result in having to pay at least €6,000 for the treatment — a much higher price than those offered by rhinoplasty doctors abroad.

With that being said, a rhinoplasty may be covered by the NHS in cases where the treatment is necessary for medical reasons. For example, if you’re having difficulty breathing then you might be able to undergo the treatment through the NHS, however, they list breathing difficulties as the only situation in which the costs of the procedure will be covered.

Saving on Rhinoplasty Costs: Travelling Abroad for Treatment

Choosing to get a nose job is a big decision. An increasing number of patients are choosing to travel abroad for their treatment. Before booking though, there are a few common questions that patients ask about rhinoplasty costs abroad.

1. Why Are Nose Jobs Abroad So Cheap?

2. Are Financing Options Available for Rhinoplasty Surgery Abroad?

3. What's Included in the Price of a Rhinoplasty Abroad?

Finding the Cheapest Nose Job: Where Should I Go for Treatment?

Although the popularity of having a nose job in the UK is increasing — with a total of 2,432 rhinoplasty procedures carried out in 2019 — travelling abroad for treatment can really help to cut down rhinoplasty costs. There are many European countries that offer high-quality care at an affordable price.

Low nose job costs are offered in the Czech Republic and, like Turkey, the country is home to some of the most renowned doctors in the field.

Another great destination for those looking to cut down their rhinoplasty costs — without sacrificing on quality — is Croatia. Nose job prices tend to be slightly higher here than in Turkey or the Czech Republic, however, the country boasts many highly-reputable plastic surgeons. Dr. Dinko Toncic, MD for instance, has performed more than 3,000 rhinoplasty surgeries during his career and speaks English fluently. 

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Before and after image of Dr. Tonic rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery before and after at Dr. Tonicic Clinic

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