Hair Transplant Cost Guide

Hair transplant costs have begun to steady in recent years. Already popular among celebrities, technological advancements have made the surgery more affordable and accessible, increasing the demand for the procedure. Despite this though — for many of us — taking the plunge with a hair transplant involves parting with a significant amount of our hard-earned cash. As well as this, Googling “how much is a hair transplant” leaves you bombarded with comparisons and estimates that make finding reliable information extremely difficult. That’s why Qunomedical is here to help! We’ve put together a transparent and unbiased hair transplant cost guide that will cover everything you need to know. This will allow you to make informed decisions before you embark on your hair transplant journey.

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What Is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a popular procedure undertaken by those looking to regain hair in bald or thinning areas. The treatment involves the transplantation of hair follicles from one part of the body to another. This mostly occurs with head hair, however, the procedure can also be carried out in other areas, such as beard and eyebrow transplants. If performed correctly, a hair transplant should be long-lasting, however, it can’t prevent the future loss of natural hair.

Now that you have an understanding of what a hair transplant is, your next question might be, how much does a hair transplant cost? We’ll provide answers on this below, as well as looking at some factors that can play a role in hair transplant prices.

How Much Is a Hair Transplant? Starting Prices at Home and Abroad

Since hair transplants are offered globally, it can be difficult to find out where the best prices and best clinics are. More importantly — can you get the best price at the best clinic? Hair transplant costs are dependent on a number of different factors, and this page will also cover this in detail. For now though, we’ve put together a table which shows the starting costs (in EUR) for a hair transplant procedure.

The prices in this table are starting costs for follicular unit extraction (FUE), currently the most widely used hair transplant technique. The prices are only taken from professionally accredited clinics and doctors and they’re also based on the price for the transplantation of 2000 grafts. Bear in mind though that these prices are not fixed or guaranteed and may vary based on individual circumstances.

CountryPrice (EUR €)

As we can see, hair transplant prices in Poland appear to be the cheapest option available. Ireland comes in at the opposite end of the spectrum with a starting price of €10,500. However, to fully understand these prices, it’s important to look into the different factors that affect these hair implant costs. This will also help you to make an informed decision when it comes to your own hair transplant journey.

What Are the Factors That Affect Hair Transplant Costs?

As previously mentioned, there are several factors that can contribute to and affect hair transplant prices. We’ve outlined the main ones below. Click on each title to expand the section for more information.

Specialist Treatment

It’s important to remember that when it comes to hair transplant surgery, you’re paying for specialist care. A good hair transplant surgeon will talk you through the entire procedure, from the planning stage to the post-op recovery. Therefore, the clinic or doctor that you choose can have an effect on the overall hair transplant cost, depending on their experience and reputation within the industry. Qunomedical is here to help with this! Your Personal Patient Manager will provide you with information on a number of different professionally vetted hair transplant specialists, allowing you to choose from world-renowned doctors.

Number of Grafts

Another factor which can affect your hair transplant cost is the number of hair grafts that you need. In the majority of cases it’s simply, the more grafts, the higher the price. Your Qunomedical Patient Manager and your doctor will discuss this in detail with you before you begin your treatment. However, there are also a selection of clinics that offer a fixed price, regardless of the number of grafts that you need. Your Patient Manager will be happy to assist you with this, should this be the route that you would prefer to go down.

Transplantation Method

There are a few techniques used when it comes to hair transplantation surgery. The most commonly performed method is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUE involves groups of hair follicles, or grafts, that are transplanted one at a time. Prices for this method can vary, depending on the type of blade that’s used. A FUE transplant performed using a sapphire blade for example, can be more expensive than those performed using a traditional steel blade.

The second technique, direct hair implantation (DHI), works similarly to FUE. However, it’s carried out using a specialist tool known as a Choi Implanter Pen. This allows the grafts to be inserted immediately after extraction, without the need to create the canals needed during a FUE hair transplant. Finally, we have a robotic hair restoration system known as ARTAS. This uses robotic systems that aim to automatically find the best hair to harvest for transplantation.

Hair transplant costs vary between each transplantation method. FUE is the most common technique used and tends to be slightly cheaper than other techniques like DHI.


Cosmetic surgery costs also vary across different countries and cities. As we can see from the table above, hair transplant costs abroad can often be cheaper than at home. Patients who go for a hair transplant clinic in Turkey or Poland for example, will generally find more affordable prices than in places like the UK or Ireland. This is often due to lower labour costs. When booking with Qunomedical, choosing a more affordable location doesn’t mean choosing lower quality care. For example, Dr. Emrah Çinik is based in Turkey and is one of the most respected hair transplant surgeons, performing over 10,000 hair restorations in his successful career. Rest assured, we’ll only ever provide you with information about the highest quality clinics and doctors, allowing you to receive professional treatment, without having to break the bank.


This is a small point but it’s still worth bearing in mind when estimating your overall hair transplant cost. After you’ve had your treatment, you might receive a prescription for hair loss prevention medicine or special aftercare hair products. These may be recommended by your doctor to help to protect your remaining hair and will be separate from the cost of your treatment.

How Can You Cut Down Your Hair Transplant Costs?

So we know the main factors that can have an affect on hair transplant prices, but is there anything that you can do to cut down the costs? Below, we’ve outlined a few suggestions that can help you to save on your hair transplant journey. Click on each title to expand the section for more information.

Shop Around for Flights and Accommodation

First things first, you can make significant savings by reducing your travel expenses. Spend time doing some research to help you find the best prices for flights and hotels. There are some great comparison tools out there that make things really simple. For flights, Skyscanner allows you to compare prices and find the cheapest time of the year to fly. If flights to your chosen destination are very expensive, then it’s also worth considering an indirect route with connections, or even traveling by train. When searching for hotels, sites such as Trivago can help you to compare dates and prices.

Package Deals

Many high-quality clinics provide package deals for international patients, which include treatment, accommodation, and transfers to and from the airport. If this is an option that you’d be interested in, just ask your Patient Manager for more details and they’ll be happy to help!

Invest in Quality

This is what Qunomedical is all about. We believe that quality treatment shouldn’t have to empty your bank account. It’s easy to be tempted into going for the cheapest clinic after doing some Google searching, however, this is likely to lower the chance of success for your hair transplant. Booking through Qunomedical will ensure that you’re getting treatment from highly experienced and accredited doctors, while keeping your hair transplant price affordable.

Why Choose Qunomedical?

At Qunomedical, we take a patient first approach to healthcare. If you’re worried about hair transplant costs, are looking for some more information, or are ready to book a treatment, get in touch with us. A member of our team will provide you with all of the information that you need. Our 100% free, non-binding assessment is available to anyone. Your Patient Manager will then take time to chat with you, find out your needs and then provide you with information about a selection of high-quality hair transplant clinics, at home and abroad.

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What High-Quality Clinics Offer Affordable Hair Transplants?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of international patients seeking outstanding treatment at reduced rates, visit hospitals abroad. Hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular procedures that patients travel abroad to undergo.

We work closely with a number of hair transplant clinics around the world, all of which are highly experienced in dealing with international patients, and which offer high-quality treatments at affordable prices. Below are some of the most popular country destinations.

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FUE Hair Transplant in Hungary

FUE Hair Transplant in Poland

FUE Hair Transplant in Germany

FUE Hair Transplant in the UK

FUE Hair Transplant in Mexico

FUE Hair Transplant in UAE

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