Hair transplant costs have begun to steady in recent years. In the UK however, prices can reach as high as £30,000, depending on the extent of your hair loss. Compare this to countries abroad — such as Turkey, where prices start at just €1,750 — and it’s clear to see why travelling overseas for hair transplant surgery is becoming more common. 

Already popular among celebrities, new technologies have made hair transplantation more affordable and accessible. Despite this — for many of us — taking the plunge with a hair transplant involves parting with a lot of our hard-earned cash. But, Googling “how much is a hair transplant” leaves you bombarded with comparisons and estimates that make finding reliable information difficult.

As there’s no simple answer to “how much does a hair transplant cost” it’s important to look into prices for the treatment worldwide, as well as the different factors that can affect these.

How Much Is a Hair Transplant? Starting Prices in the UK and Abroad

Since hair transplants are offered globally, it can be tricky to find out where the best prices and best clinics are. More importantly — can you get the best price at the best clinic? 

Below are 2,000 graft hair transplant costs using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, currently the most widely used method. These starting prices are only taken from Qunomedical-approved clinics and doctors, however they’re not fixed or guaranteed and may vary based on individual circumstances.

CountryPrice (EUR €)
United Kingdom€5,000

What Are the Factors That Affect Hair Transplant Costs?

As previously mentioned, there are several factors that can contribute to and affect hair transplant prices. We’ve outlined the main ones below. 

Transplant Method

There are a few techniques used when it comes to hair transplantation surgery. The most commonly performed method is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUE hair transplant costs can vary, depending on how many grafts you have transplanted and the technique and technology that’s used. A FUE transplant performed using a sapphire blade, for example, can be more expensive than those performed using a traditional steel blade.

Man smiling and showing his hair before and after undergoing a FUE hair transplant.

FUE hair transplant before and after at Suzermed, Istanbul.

The second technique, direct hair implantation (DHI), works similarly to FUE. However, it’s carried out using a specialist tool, known as a Choi Implanter Pen, which helps to reduce the risk of hair grafts becoming damaged and gives the surgeon more precision during implantation. As this is a sophisticated tool, DHI hair transplant costs tend to be slightly more expensive than FUE.

Man showing his hair before and after undergoing a DHI hair transplant.

DHI hair transplant before and after at DHI London Clinic.

Finally, we have a robotic hair restoration system known as ARTAS. This uses robotic systems that have the ability to automatically find the best hair to harvest for transplantation. Due to this method involving high-tech and expensive robotic equipment, prices for an ARTAS hair transplant are usually more expensive than both FUE and DHI.

Number of Grafts

The number of hair grafts that you have transplanted may also affect the price of your transplant. In the majority of cases it’s simply, the more grafts, the higher the price. However, there are also a selection of clinics that offer a fixed price, regardless of the number of grafts that you need. 


Hair transplant costs in the UK, tend to be more expensive than at clinics abroad. Patients who go for a FUE hair transplant clinic in Turkey or Germany for example, will generally find more affordable prices than in the UK. But, a cheap hair transplant doesn’t have to mean lower quality. For example, Dr. Emrah Cinik is based in Turkey and is one of most respected hair transplant surgeons, performing over 1,000 hair transplants in his successful career. 

All-Inclusive Packages

If you decide to travel overseas for your hair transplant, many clinics offer all-inclusive packages specifically designed for international patients. Overall costs can vary depending on what the package covers, however, common inclusions are things like accommodation, airport pick-up and drop-off, and transfers to and from the clinic.

Specialist Treatment

When it comes to hair transplant surgery, you’re paying for specialist care. The doctor that you choose can have an effect on the overall hair transplant cost, depending on their qualifications, experience, accreditations, the number of treatments they’ve performed, and their reputation within the industry. It’s also important to note that a hair transplant can be carried out by either a technician or a doctor. While highly skilled and experienced, technicians are not qualified doctors and choosing to have a doctor perform your hair transplant, rather than a technician, can increase the price.


This is a small point but it’s still worth bearing in mind when estimating your hair transplant cost. After you’ve had your treatment, you might receive a prescription for hair loss prevention medicine or special aftercare hair products like supplements, laser caps, or special shampoos and conditioners. These may be recommended by your doctor to help to protect your remaining hair and will be separate from the cost of your treatment.

Travelling Abroad to Find Lower Hair Transplant Prices

Every year, hundreds of thousands of international patients seeking outstanding treatment at reduced rates, visit hospitals abroad. Hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular procedures that patients travel abroad to undergo, with prices overseas often much lower than what’s offered in the UK. However, there are a few common questions that patients often ask before travelling abroad.

1. Why Are Hair Transplant Costs Abroad So Low?

2. Do Hair Restoration Clinics Abroad Offer Financing?

3. Are Hair Transplants Abroad Cost-Effective?

How Can You Cut Down Your Hair Transplant Costs?

So we know the main factors that can have an effect on hair transplant prices, but is there anything that you can do to cut down the costs? Below, we’ve outlined a few suggestions that can help you to save on your hair transplant journey. 

Shop Around for Flights and Accommodation

First things first, you can make significant savings by reducing your travel expenses. Spend time doing some research to help you find the best prices for flights and hotels. There are some great comparison tools out there that make things really simple. For flights, Skyscanner allows you to compare prices and find the cheapest time of the year to fly. If flights to your chosen destination are very expensive, then it’s also worth considering an indirect route with connections, or even travelling by train. When searching for hotels, sites such as Trivago can help you to compare dates and prices.

Package Deals

Many high-quality clinics provide package deals for international patients, which include treatment, accommodation, and transfers to and from the airport.

Invest in Quality

This is what Qunomedical is all about. We believe that quality treatment shouldn’t have to empty your bank account. It’s easy to be tempted into going for the cheapest clinic after doing some Google searching, however, this is likely to lower the chance of success for your hair transplant. Booking through Qunomedical will ensure that you’re getting treatment from highly experienced and accredited doctors, while keeping your hair transplant price affordable.

Why Choose Qunomedical?

At Qunomedical, we take a patient first approach to healthcare. If you’re worried about hair transplant costs, are looking for some more information, or are ready to book a treatment, get in touch with us. One of our Patient Managers will provide you with all of the information that you need. 

100% free, non-binding assessment: At Qunomedical, we offer a 100% free, non-binding assessment, regardless of whether you decide to book a treatment or not.

Price match: We’ve done the legwork to identify high-quality hair transplant clinics, abroad and in the UK, that offer affordable care. If you find the same treatment at the same clinic cheaper somewhere else, let us know and we’ll match the price.

All-inclusive treatment packages: Many high-quality clinics abroad offer all-inclusive packages, specifically geared towards international patients. These often include things like accommodation, airport shuttle services, and clinic transfers.

Verified doctors and clinics: Our proprietary scoring system, Qunoscore, uses over 20 data points, assessing doctors based on their qualifications, experience, number of treatments performed, value for money, accreditations, reviews from past patients, and more.

24/7 patient support: Booking through Qunomedical ensures that you’ll receive an end-to-end care service, from the initial assessments through to your successful recovery. When you’re abroad for your treatment, our team can be reached 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Still unsure about whether this treatment is right for you? Check out Eamon's story below for a genuine insight into the hair transplant journey.

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