Qunomedical’s Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Quno Promise Your safety and happiness is our top priority. Every treatment comes with medical risk but we fully believe in the quality of our network. We do everything we can to help you make a safe choice. This is why, when you book through Qunomedical, we guarantee quality care & unlimited support - even after your treatment. We’re with you all the way and in case you don’t get the promised results, we will pay for your second treatment or give your money back.

Quality Assurance We thoroughly screen clinics and doctors based on a number of relevant criteria. This means you will only find top-quality clinics and world-class doctors in our network.

Money Back If you are unhappy with your treatment outcome, we will go above and beyond to support you. It takes time to see the full results, but if after 12 months you don’t have the promised results - we will pay for your second treatment or give your money back, your choice.

Price Match We have the best price in the market, if at the time of booking you find the same offer at the same clinic cheaper somewhere else, we will match it.

Read the full Terms and Conditions that apply to our Satisfaction Guarantee (SG) below.

Terms & Conditions Satisfaction Guarantee (SG)

A. Application for SG can be made under the following cumulative conditions:

  1. You booked your treatment through Qunomedical.

  2. Your treatment date is post January 1st, 2019 and with one of Qunomedical’s partner clinics listed.

  3. You received the booked treatment at least twelve (12) months prior to the SG application.

  4. Booked and received treatment do not differ from each other, either by medical service, medical service provider or total price of the treatment. If a price difference between booked and received treatment differs by a thousand (€1,000.00) Euro or more, the SG can’t be claimed.

  5. You have proved that the success of the treatment did not occur. For proof, a signed evaluation by a licensed doctor within the respective medical field is necessary.

  6. The treatment specific conditions apply (Section C below).

  7. Together with Qunomedical, You unsuccessfully tried to resolve the matter with the clinic or hospital.

  8. No double compensation. You have not yet been refunded directly by any third party, e.g. credit card institution, insurance or by the clinic or hospital directly.

  9. The application is submitted within fifteen (15) months of the date of treatment.

B. The SG is not applicable, if one of the following conditions apply:

  1. You apply for the SG prior to the end of the twelve (12) month post-treatment period.

  2. The doctor responsible for the treatment evaluated the medical treatment/outcome as successful.

  3. The total treatment amount is below five-hundred (€ 500.00) Euro.

  4. You have already received after/ post-treatment compensation or treatment by the responsible doctor or any third party doctor.

  5. The initial, first treatment booked through Qunomedical is medically necessary.

  6. The application is filed after fifteen (15) months from the date of treatment.

C. Treatment specific Conditions:

Minimum medical cumulative conditions:

  • You strictly followed the pre- and post-operation guidelines provided by Qunomedical and the clinic.

  • You have no medical conditions and do not take any medications which could affect your result. If your treatment requires several sessions, the additional session will not be covered by the SG.

D. Miscellaneous

The payment reimbursement is only valid for the following items:

  • Treatment price (gross)

  • Ground transportation (e.g. Airport Shuttle)

  • Flight costs, up to five-hundred (€ 500.00) Euro; required to reach clinic destination and return to home country

  • Hotel cost for covering the treatment time

Additional costs, including but not limited to: flight, travel and living costs are not covered. The payout limit is set at twenty-five thousand (€ 25,000.00) per treatment.

Legal Nature: With the Satisfaction Guarantee (SG) Qunomedical provides a warranty promise as a gesture of goodwill.